Self Employed in TEXAS with a previous W2 employment



I've been trying to apply online as a self employer on the TWC website, but I keep getting stuck at the wage part. On the previous employer list, it gave me 2 options: Not Listed or StarMaker Boxing LLC (I used to be a boxing trainer). From 2011-2018, I've had multiple part-time jobs until 2018ish, but none of my other jobs were listed. When I tried filing online as a self-employer (Not Listed), it asked for my wage and I put in my 2018 income (since I haven't filed 2019 yet) and it kept telling me that the limit could not exceed $15,000 a year. So I thought maybe my only option is to list StarMaker Boxing LLC as my previous employer, but I was afraid that I was getting paid too little, which would result in a low unemployment payment. So I started calling at 7:55am (opens at 8am) and the lines were already busy. Is there anything I can do besides waiting to speak to someone on the phone? 

Apr 2, 20 12:29 pm

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