Hands-on/ Manual labor jobs for architects?



I am working on my M. Arch, however my undergrad is in Business Admin. I love working with my hands, and being active. I used to be a mechanic for aerospace ground equipment, so I have a very "technical" mindset.  As I am close to finishing my degree (2021), I was hoping to find something in the architectural field that utilizes all of my skill set, other than being a construction worker, is there anything else someone can think of within the architecture profession that I should be exploring? All suggestions welcome. 

Thank you. 

Mar 24, 20 5:00 pm

...try Home Depot/Rona?

If don't have education or experience in architecture already you've probably zero shot right now of getting in a paying office position. Can try doing unpaid designer work for the experience, maybe, or might suit you more to design and sell furniture (which architects do). 

Otherwise, seriously consider being a contruction labourer.

Mar 24, 20 5:59 pm

Yeah you could run prototype material designs

Mar 24, 20 6:41 pm

Thanks, do you have the name of some firms so I can start my search?

Non Sequitur

Jawknee is a delusional fool. He has many issues and knows literally nothing about architecture.


I can't tell if you're serious or not, but having a masters, and working at Home Depot, seems like a waste of the past years and knowledge. I did ask for all suggestions so I'll stop there. 

I actually wouldn't mind starting off as a construction worker and working my way up with my architecture education, but I'm curious what kind of career path that leads to. Construction management? Site supervisor, if anyone has any insight on this, greatly appreciated. 

Furniture design is also interesting to me, but it is so specialized, I will have to keep an eye out for an entry level or network my way through. 

I also started looking into Design + Build firms, contractor/ builders,  hoping to find a job title or posting that is describes what I am looking for. 

It's possible it doesn't exist, and I'll have to settle for something else. Just thought I'd reach out. 

Thanks again! 

Mar 24, 20 8:11 pm
Non Sequitur

If you have the technical chops, there are plenty of product rep/manufacturer (think like commercial curtainwall, or specialty interior partitions, that level of detail) or even some general contractors that will hire folks with arch background to help with marketing and or document production. Working directly with a supplier, shop, or a building will certainly give you a better feel for the construction world then a junior drafting gig. 


Doing an unpaid internship will give you a great background for doing unpaid architecture, unpaid construction administration, and unpaid marketing.

Mar 25, 20 9:11 am
Non Sequitur

I know this is sarcasm, but in case the op does not catch it, never do unpaid work. never.


Try to look for woodshop, metal shop, fabrication team/group, furniture /product prototype.

I am not a big fan of unpaid internship/ any unpaid work..but if you are desperate for experience, go for it.

Mar 25, 20 10:11 am
Non Sequitur

So you're a fan of slavery? Good to know. For the rest of us, unpaid work needs to die. Those who offer it, and those who accept it, need to be shamed and ridiculed. equally.

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