Bachelor of architecture


Is a bachelor of architecture good for anything? Could you be hired as an interior designer with it? Also, if you have a bsc in interior design, would it take 2 years for the masters of architecture or would it take longer compared to if you had a bsc in architecture and are moving into masters. 

Feb 24, 20 12:19 am
Non Sequitur

Architecture > Int Des by a cubic light year

A bachelor in arch is worth something, I guess... at least it will get you some decent material for a M.arch application folio but you really should aim for an accredited B.Arch (if available) so you can skip the grad school requirement.  Besides that, you can do int-des with an arch background, no problem, if that is your jam but an int-des cannot do architecture. It's not really the same scope and the skillset developed in most (if not all) int-des programs do not translate well into architecture.

Where are you looking for to go to school and eventually work will affect your options.

Feb 24, 20 12:49 am
Non Sequitur

Pretty sure we've already covered all this in your other 6 identical threads.  Adulting is hard, I'm told, but if you're having such a hard time picking a direction, maybe you should ask real people instead of throwing questions to an anonymous group on online wankers.

Feb 24, 20 12:52 am

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