Homeless Solution for Mr. Carson - real 'mericans did it!


Feb 10, 20 3:21 pm

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drums please, Fab?

'mericans is such a tired pejorative.  time to move on (dot ORG) !

Feb 10, 20 3:29 pm  · 


oh wait....just say no to seacans

Feb 10, 20 4:21 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I've done one project (reluctantly...long story) with seacans. Never again.

Feb 11, 20 9:13 am  · 

I have a very similar story.....never ever again

Feb 11, 20 10:39 am  · 
Chad Miller

My studios where in quonset huts.  

Feb 10, 20 4:32 pm  · 

It was dumb then and it is dumb now. fucking moron.

Feb 10, 20 9:44 pm  · 

All censorship is selective.

Feb 12, 20 1:14 pm  · 
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This is all military construction, which is implicitly temporary so the base can be more easily reconfigured on demand. I don't think the suggestion that housing for homeless should be temporary or based on temporary construction is appropriate. Secondly, because this is cheap and fast construction, they're not the greatest dwellings to maintain. 

Using it as a precedent suggests that those persons can be displaced at any time, thus recreating the problem- OR that they only deserve substandard housing- which is not the case.

Feb 12, 20 10:57 am  · 
liberty bell

I’m actually working on a Quonset hut house today. For myself! Husband and I visited True North Detroit ( or is it Real North? Google it) and he fell in love with the idea of living in a Quonset. 

Feb 15, 20 10:08 am  · 
Wood Guy

While I'm intrigued by their simplicity, they are all high-carbon--steel, concrete and closed cell foam, so I can't get behind them. But if you're interested, this is a good FB group--the administrator has been a guest on the EntreArchitect podcast and he's an engaging guy:

Feb 15, 20 10:19 am  · 
Wood Guy

N/M, I just searched the group and see that you're already a member ;-)

Feb 15, 20 10:44 am  · 
liberty bell

Yep, thanks for the recommendation tho! Funny to me is that the admin of that group started in Indiana and is now building his Q home in Arizona, the inverse of me.

Feb 16, 20 8:57 am  · 

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