Qualification for interships


Not referring to a particular firm....

But are there companies that reject to receive interns who have already graduated bachelor in architecture? (because they are not students anymore?)

Jan 29, 20 10:53 am

I always thought that work experience counted towards licensing is considered internship. So if you're looking to get licensed you're qualified?

Jan 29, 20 11:06 am  · 
Chad Miller

Possibly if the firms are looking for summer student interns.    

The thing to remember is that any unlicensed person with a degree in architecture is considered an 'Intern' (aka Designer, Associate, ect)

Internships in the above sense are full time employment and you should be paid for your work.  Some firms will offer you unpaid internships but personally I wouldn't work for free.  

Jan 29, 20 11:06 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Never work for free, ever.  I don't consider it experience and will think less of your application if I know you've taken an unpaid internship.  

Jan 29, 20 11:40 am  · 

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