Sci Fi & Architecture/Design: recommendations?


Anyone have recommendations for recent sci fi books that provide commentary on architecture/design/planning/technology? Note: if you are into “Fountainhead”, please start another thread ;)

My recommendation is “Infinite Detail: A Novel” that chronicles what happens in a very near to 2020 future after all of the smart cities implode and civilization collapses when the Internet shuts down globally. The “before” and “after” narratives are mesmerizing (I am listening to it on Scribd v reading it because of an issue with my vision so it also might be because the narrator’s voice is awesome.)

Thanks for shares-

Jan 24, 20 10:34 pm

Listen to CJ Lim's lecture in AA

Jan 25, 20 5:32 am

I guess I don’t know too many sci-fi books that focus specifically on architecture/design. Solaris by Stanislav Len had a lot of technological descriptions and whatnot. Maybe 20,000 leagues under the Sea as well. 

I think for design you’d probably have better luck finding the visuals in sci-fi movies. 

Jan 25, 20 8:38 pm

Not “new” but Aeon Flux has some pretty cool architecture (movie and books)

Jan 28, 20 12:04 pm
Chad Miller

Check out the 'After Atlas' series by Emma Newman.  It's a future where everything is 3d printed, including food.  All people are 'chipped' with what is basically your smart phone implanted in your brain which gives you AI assisted computing power and immersive VR anywhere.   

Jan 28, 20 12:51 pm

art and soul of bladerunner 2049

Jan 28, 20 12:52 pm
Chad Miller

Oooo, good one.


Wool, Shift, Dust -- Silo series, by Hugh Howey.  post-apocalyptic world, about living in a silos underground, divided factions & discovering connections between people, also the severity of inside/outside spaces

Jan 28, 20 4:20 pm

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