What do you work as after obtaining a dual degree in architecture and civil engineering?

Superflawed Lenny

Two months ago I failed my third year Studio and therefore couldn't proceed to fourth year. To make things worse, I can't go back just yet because of the financial strain on my sponsers. However I have been given an opportunity to start over at an engineering university on a partial scholarship which I am grateful for despite being very sad about not being able to finish my architecture degree. I will be going to study Civil engineering and would one day like to go back to complete my architecture degree.

What I would like to know is if there is any way I can make both degrees work to my advantage in terms of job opportunites. Is getting a degree in both fields worth it and what can I work as while making use of  both degrees?

Jan 16, 20 11:00 am

Fashion designer, like Virgil Abloh

Jan 16, 20 11:19 am

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