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So good!  

I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

Dec 16, 19 12:56 pm

It definitely escalated quickly, and didn't apologize for the obviousness (cheezyness) of itself, but that was also a part of the film's charm. With that said I enjoyed it!

Dec 16, 19 1:00 pm
Chad Miller

Care to explain for those of us not in the know?

Dec 16, 19 1:39 pm
we're in this together

It's a quality movie, well worth seeing like the good 'ole days, in the theater. Lots of capital 'A' Architecture stuff in there. But you don't have to think in terms of architecture - the story alone keeps you engaged the whole time.

Dylan Hensley

I have not watched this movie alone?

Dec 17, 19 6:48 am
we're in this together

No, you have not. We are NEVER alone.

we're in this together

it’s all about levels, man!  You think you know what’s going on but NO!  R u KIDDING ME?

Dec 21, 19 10:37 pm
we're in this together

if stars wars is sold out, do yourself a favour and pick up tix to PARASITE.

you will NOT be disappointed!  fun for the whole family, those seen AND unseen.

Dec 23, 19 2:30 pm
we're in this together

So did you guys enjoy Parasite?

It's a must see!  If you haven't seen it, then: Sad!

Dec 27, 19 12:22 pm
we're in this together

Parasite: 99% certified FRESH! on rotten tomatoes

Star Wars : 55% meh!

Cats: 19% oh noes!

drop yer parametrics and go see the Parasite, like NOW!

Dec 30, 19 12:38 pm
we're in this together

and unlike Joe Biden, this movie is endorsed by Barack Obama!

Jan 1, 20 1:09 pm
we're in this together

THE new york times said of Parasite:

I can’t think of a film that made me sadder about the state of the world and more jubilant about the state of movies.

Jan 2, 20 4:39 pm
we're in this together


Jan 3, 20 5:14 pm

So are they paying you per post or what?

Jan 3, 20 5:16 pm
we're in this together

no, per ticket sold.

have you seen Parasite?  please let me know when you see it!

Jan 3, 20 5:19 pm

It would be nice to discuss architecture in the film. maybe worth starting a new thread though and putting a spoiler alert. and not shitposting

Jan 4, 20 9:08 am
we're in this together

Parasite wins the Golden Globe!

8.6 on IMDB!

Jan 5, 20 8:42 pm
we're in this together

The 1-inch tall barrier of subtitles

Speak the truth, Bong Joon Ho!

Jan 6, 20 6:25 pm
we're in this together

Parasite is still playing at my local cineplex!  If anyone needs help finding showtimes and locations just give me a shout, i'll help a brother (or sister, or however you identify) out!

Has anyone seen it the past 3 days?  Please respond!

Jan 9, 20 5:42 pm
we're in this together

still 99% FRESH!

Jan 9, 20 5:43 pm
we're in this together


Jan 9, 20 5:47 pm
we're in this together

PARASITE nominated for six (6) academy awards!

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Sin-ae Kwak
Bong Joon Ho

Best Achievement in Directing
Bong Joon Ho

Best Original Screenplay
Bong Joon Ho
Jin Won Han

Best International Feature Film
South Korea

Best Achievement in Production Design
Ha-jun Lee
Won-Woo Cho

Best Achievement in Film Editing
Jinmo Yang

I expect nothing less than SIX winners for the SIX nominations!

if you need help finding a local screening please use the following search engines (start your modem first!)

or ask me in this thread and I'll be glad to help out!


Jan 13, 20 4:49 pm

I will watch it just because this thread made me laugh (even though I’ve continued to read the spoiler alert). 

Jan 13, 20 5:26 pm
we're in this together

Luca!  Do you live on the second floor?  perhaps, upstairs from me?  Because I think I've seen you before!


Jan 13, 20 6:04 pm
we're in this together

LA Times says:

Thrilling and devastating, ‘Parasite’ is one of the year’s very best movies

I could NOT agree more!

Jan 14, 20 7:43 pm
we're in this together


Plz report upon viewing Parasite k thks

Jan 16, 20 10:09 pm
we're in this together

for this super getaway holiday weekend may i suggest you saunter down to your ol' multiplex and enjoy a screening of Parasite?  i highly recommend!

Jan 17, 20 3:05 pm
we're in this together

in case you didn't know, ‘Parasite’ Changed What Foreign-Language Films Can Do At the Box Office

look how happy that made Kang-ho Song!


Jan 17, 20 3:09 pm

What happened to 'Man WineCave' or whatever? And are you personally invested in this production somehow?

we're in this together

it was Wine CaveMAN! :angry:  he's sooooo yesterday!

and yes as noted above i am paid per verified ticket sold so please let me know if you have seen Parasite. I can help with showtimes, venues, etc. and allow me to re-reiterate: IT'S REALLY GOOD!

we're in this together


please report on your enjoyment of the Parasite!

yours truly,

Wine CaveMAN
Free Ramos and Compean

Jan 19, 20 11:19 pm
we're in this together

Parasite wins for ensemble cast.


Jan 20, 20 1:37 am
we're in this together

Screen Actors Guild Awards make history as 'Parasite' claims its top prize

The win for "Parasite" broke up what had been a night that saw people of color entirely overlooked, as the industry comes under increased scrutiny for a lack of diversity in its awards.

Horay for people of color!

Jan 20, 20 6:25 pm
we're in this together

i hope this is for reals because while i celebrate people of color, i myself do not see color.  now everyone can see this as i do, in black-and-white!

please report upon seeing the color version and then report again when you see the black and white version.  thanks!

Jan 23, 20 3:23 pm
we're in this together

ha!  now i'm banned from threads when i call out people's bull schiff!

too funny!

hey go see parasite if you haven't already, it's great!

Jan 23, 20 9:34 pm
we're in this together

FROM OUTTA NO WHERE!  2 THAT TOP!  like that guy down there in the, well, you know ...

The Oscars need ‘Parasite’ more than ‘Parasite’ needs the Oscars


Jan 30, 20 9:46 pm
we're in this together

2-nite is the nite, Oscar!

r u excited?

Feb 9, 20 12:05 pm
we're in this together

current odds (and ends)

 Academy Award For Best Picture Film

1917 -200
Parasite +180
Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood +800
Joker +1800
Jojo Rabbit +6600
The Irishman +10000
Marriage Story +15000
Little Women +20000
Ford vs Ferrari +25000

Our next film is Little Women. *pause*  HATED IT!

Feb 9, 20 6:08 pm
we're in this together


Feb 9, 20 11:27 pm
we're in this together

so what'd ya think?!?  

Feb 26, 20 1:43 pm

Update we watched Parasite last week. It was indeed very good.

Feb 26, 20 2:18 pm

I was under impression when I've watched Parasite. Good movie, makes you think about social inequality and its consequences. Sometimes it excites disgust, sometimes you feel sympathy for the characters, but generally the “parasite” metaphor was fully revealed in the movie. The picture is thought-provoking with twists and turn and I would hardly recommend to watch it.

Mar 10, 20 12:29 am

A couple of interesting articles which look at Parasite specifically from an architectural point of view: and

Mar 18, 20 9:41 pm

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