Politechnico di Milano - M.Arch Application 2nd Call


Hi, I just recently got interested in the university of PoliMi. I am a recent graduate from the B.Sc. in Architecture in Canada and I already had a list of a bunch of university I've wanted to apply, but studying in Italy in a technical school sounds really interesting despite the bad reviews concerning the student/tutor relationship.

I intend to apply for the 2nd call so I was wondering does it affect my application in any way? Do they take as much students as the 1st call? I've also heard PoliMi is a mill school, is that true? 

Moreover, for those who currently attend PoliMi in the M.Arch program. What made you choose this university over all the others in Europe such as UCL, KTH, EPFL, KU Leuven, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Dec 11, 19 11:19 am

Hi climbon

I had applied for PoliMi MSc Arch and Urban Design 2020 and got selected . Also I got an offer from KU Leuven . And most probably I will be joining PoliMi . 

To your first query: What I gather from students studying at PoliMi, I would say that the first and second call matter in the precedence by which your are most likely to get your results . First call students get their results first and second call subsequently. PoliMi works in first come first serve basis . However for the much coveted scholarships of PoliMi it is advisable to apply in first call. There are over a hundred seats in PoliMi , so there is a good chance that you may get a positive reply in second call provided your portfolio and application makes a mark . 

To your second query : PoliMi gives one of the best facilities (LIBRARY, WORKSHOPS , THE CURRICULUM, AND OF COURSE MILAN AS A SETTING) in Europe given the low cost of education . UCL, KTH are damn expensive . But yeah UCL is ranked the topmost school given its grand facilities and highly advanced design concepts  . Also the degree at UCL is a one year degree , so check with the requirements of masters back home for validation or certification. KU Leuven is almost at the same cost of PoliMi but getting scholarships are hard there. Also KU Leuven courses are more research oriented and they delve deeper into a particular subject. MSc arch PoliMi is more suited for people coming straight from architecture background or with work exp. The design problems are more suited to core architecture studios with extensive juries . Moreover, if you are someone willing to learn from the city and outside the classroom environ. , Milan is a perfect place . On the other hand KU Leuven will give you a more guided approach to research and design . Please chk the subjects each university offers and see if you like them . 

Good luck with your results. Cheers ! 

Jan 31, 20 1:19 pm

So, both calls results are published at the same time? I thought that I would have received the answer in short time after making application.


Thank you very much for your answer eastindian93! I haven't got my answer yet, but let's keep in touch. It'd be nice to at least know someone at PoliMi. Are you an international student?


@kakhidzetako . Both calls result are declared one after the other . First call results have already started coming out and will happen till 16th Feb. 16the Feb is the last date for first call successful candidates to accept their offer .Second call applicants who applied after 10th January 2020, will get results most probably after mid Feb and up until April. 

Feb 3, 20 12:53 am

Also, have you applied to any scholarships? If so, do I need to get accepted first in order to apply?


thanks a lot for the answer! ;)


There is no separate application for university merit scholarships for PoliMi. They tell eventually about scholarship result after result of successful candidates is communicated . Generally in the month of March-April. 

Feb 3, 20 9:40 am

Ok great, thanks again!


@climbon yep! I am from India . Hope you get through as well. Keep patience . Let me know if you get to join. Also anyone else joining the MSc Architecture 2020 , can say hi here . Would be great to connect . :)

Feb 3, 20 12:39 pm

Ok cool, thank you! Yes, good idea!

Non Sequitur

Climbon... before making the leap to Europe for a M.arch degree... make sure it's an acceptable (and accredited degree) under the CACB.  If it's not, then you will have a very difficult time getting a license in canada.

spoiler alert: few schools outside of the USA are accredited under that Canadian Architecture Certification Board (CACB) 

Feb 3, 20 3:00 pm

Yes non sequitur us right . Also note that PoliMi offers no MArch degree unlike US, Canadian or American universities. It is a MSc degree modelled after a 3 year BSc of Italy and  many other places in Europe . However it is equivalent to masters in Italy and you get accreditation within Europe only. For people coming with a 5 year BArch , mostly a MSc is useful if they have provision of already registering in their home country ,; for instance I am already a accredited architect in my home country with a BArch. So it doesn't matter for me. Or if people want to go for a research / PhD , then a MSc may be useful . However the course at PoliMi is more of design oriented than research . Other courses such as in TU Delft offer core research master's courses . 

Feb 3, 20 11:29 pm

Wow eastindian93! You seem to be vary informed about Polimi and the other options. My girlfriend and I are applying for Polimi Msc Arch/Urban design too. We would like to chat with you to have a clearer of it


@rodrigovelasco Sure! I would be glad to answer your queries. Are you guys applying for the second round of applications? What other options you have in mind?

Feb 22, 20 12:21 am

Yes, We're applying for the second round. My other options are: MCH Collective housing ETH/UPM MBArch at UPC. We are looking for a architecture master with a good balance between theory courses and design workshops. I've noticed that Polimi's programme is very technical and it has been hard to find information about the design studios. Therefore I don't know if it is the best option for me. Actually the only alumni comments I could find, were a little discouraging: (The last comments by vtvt)


Anyone currently studying at Polimi?

Feb 22, 20 11:28 am

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