Master of Architecture and Urban design-Politecnico Di Milano


Hello guys ,

I got admission in the master of Architecture and Urban design in Polimi , and wanted to chat with seniors or people aware of that program .

Since two years I was planning for Polimi and this year , I finally decided to apply on this year and got it,

The program for this field is really amazing , I also heard great reviews about teachers and methods of teaching in labs, I read about it and all but I wanted to have opinions about the study plan,for preference, like a course or lab that's better than the other.

Anyone here also admitted (Milano Leonardo campus) ? could be great to start keeping in touch.

Thanks for answers.

Mar 24, 19 12:46 pm

Hi amirachaghal, congratualiton. I got admission too. I have few questions about the curriculum etc. Keep in touch!

Mar 25, 19 5:40 pm

Hey glad to find someone here too :) Congrats on your admission too ! Yeah sure let's keep in touch

Mar 26, 19 3:45 am

Hey, congratulations! I recently got my acceptance from Milan Poly too. But I have an offer from GSAPP (M.S. AAD) so i'm still weighing up the options. What about you? Have you confirmed? 

Mar 28, 19 9:41 am

Hey Iceinmen , thank you very much ! Congrats for GSAPP ,surely you have two awesome choices ! I know about GSAPP as one of the best in America(mostly 4th or so according to some ranking )

In world ranking , didn't see the excat position but for Polimi is 9th in Architecture ! so double congrats :)

for me , Yes I have confirmed cause I have only chosen Polimi , Heard so many good reviews about it during my bachelor and courses looks like what I need ,among other few stuff :)

So take your time , as I told you,it's hard to choose when you've got two great choice.

let's us know your final choice :)

Mar 29, 19 9:53 am

Yes, definitely. Would be good to know someone before coming :)


Are you an international student?


yes I am :) and you ?

Mar 30, 19 9:43 pm

Yep, me too :) Where are you from?


Sorry for l the ong time absence , was busy with school

so I'm from Tunisia and you ?

Apr 8, 19 1:27 am

I'm from India. I finally made my decision to join Polimi so I guess I'll see you there! Keep in touch

I am considering accepting a place in the same program. Do you all know much about the student to teacher ratios, what thesis projects are like, etc? I am American and am curious how well this program has translated for Americans who intend to work in the US long term

Apr 11, 19 7:36 pm

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