Internship MVRDV vs KAAN


Hi, I was looking for an internship in the Netherlands and finally I have these two options to choose. Work conditions are basically the same, so I would rather be in a studio where I could learn as much as possible but also having a good working environment.

Which one would you choose?

Dec 4, 19 12:27 pm
Seeing that you’d be working for no pay, I have a better option “Go Fuck Yourself”
Dec 4, 19 7:57 pm

Both of them are paid. Not a lot to be honest, but paid.


Hence, almost Zero


definitely KAAN

Dec 5, 19 1:45 am

As far as I know working conditions (hours) are not really comparable, but maybe that depends on the type of projects you work on. I've always experienced friends at KAAN to be working less hours (but still a lot.)

I'd personally go for KAAN, but to be honest its hard to say anything useful without knowing the things you have discussed during the interview.

Dec 5, 19 6:24 am

Both are 40 hours a week and 15 holidays during the 6 months of internship. I guess those 40 hours will turn into whatever they need when the deadline of a competition is near.


Yeah thats exactly what I mean. From my experience people at KAAN work closer to 40 hours, whilst at MVRDV interns work a lot more.


It depends what kind of architecture you like...they're rather different design styles. Don't choose based on hours bc that varies by project, and frankly how useful you are...

Both have nice offices and locations...congrats on 2 offers.

Have fun soon in Rotterdam!

Dec 6, 19 5:07 am

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