Is Architecture Worth It?


I am currently at the stage where I have to choose my universities and what program I'm going into. I'm mostly targeting a major in Urban Planning/Design since it takes more to become a licensed Architect so I decided to put that off till later for my Masters potentially. I was wondering if it would be better to just pursue an undergraduate degree in Architecture. I heard Civil Engineers also work closely with Architects and my parents feel it would be a more solid career choice because they fear Architecture might be replaced. 

To simplify, I would like to ask which one of these you feel is best for finding employment with the Bachelor's degree?

Dec 2, 19 11:30 am
Non Sequitur

Replaced?  Before Civil?  HA.

How much of the profession do you parents know?

Anyways, it'll all really depend on your location and what the requirements for architecture is.  Perhaps there are accredited undergrad degrees in your area which would eliminate the need for a master's degree, but if you're looking at the easiest and shortest route, then perhaps architecture is not the right path.    

As for employment, well that will depend on how good you are after leaving school.  Most schools don't do much to prepare students for the real world anyways, so don't expect to just cartwheel into an office the day after graduation if you don't the effort (during school) to understand the professional world.

Dec 2, 19 11:37 am

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