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Recently I have graduated with a BSc. in Mining Engineering in the United States. After becoming disappointed with job prospects for one reason or another, I have become interested in trying to move into architecture. I had considered architecture as a degree before going to college, and I've decided that making a switch like this should be done at a young age. 

Ultimately, I'd ask for advice for making a switch such as this. Specifically whether or not architectural degree programs are required (or highly suggested) to be hired and move upward in the industry.

As far as related skills go, I am quite proficient in CAD software. I additionally have some knowledge in structural engineering as well as in construction management. Thanks.

Oct 11, 19 7:55 pm

In most states you cannot get licensed without an accredited degree. Because of this many firms will not give you a second look as a potential hire without that degree as well.

Oct 11, 19 8:02 pm

Read:  Architect?? by Roger Lewis.  Good overview of the profession.

If you are leaving engineering because of poor employment prospects, you should be aware that architecture is very unstable, poorly paid and overpopulated.  Also, there are indications of impending national economic recession, which always hits the building industry hard.

Oct 11, 19 9:30 pm

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