Does anyone else watch 30X40 Design Workshop on youtube?


Pretty random, but I was wondering if anyone has come across the YouTube channel 30X40 Design Workshop on YouTube and what they think of it. For reference, here's a link to the channel:

Sep 29, 19 6:59 pm

I do. I think it is great and Eric has always responded to the few emails I have sent him. Seem like a really nice guy.

Oct 9, 19 8:54 pm  · 

I love it!!! I like his setup- it's not just a boring tutorial or him talking to the camera with bad sound/quality. He changes it up from time to time and doesn't always post about the same stuff.

Oct 10, 19 11:20 am  · 
Wood Guy

I've watched several of his videos and found them enjoyable and informative. Even when he's talking about relatively basic stuff, it's great to see how someone else works. He's not far from me and uses the same programs I do, so it's interesting to see the differences. 

Oct 10, 19 3:34 pm  · 

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