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Hi, I am an international student right now studying my master degree in Melbourne, Australia. I'm thinking about taking internship during my summer break, which is about 3 months from Dec-Feb.

I'm just curious how is the work culture here in Australia, do intern usually get paid? And how long usually the period of time companies prefer? Because I'm planning to go back to my country early December for about 10 days, so probably I'll be available to work for only 2 or 2,5 months (if i get the job quick). 

lastly, because I haven't get any experience working in Australia, will the company consider my work experience before I got here? Because I've done some internship before in my home country, but never had a real proper job, since I started my master study not long after I graduated.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

Sep 19, 19 11:27 am

Hi Jeko

I don't really have much advice on the actul gaining of the intership as i'm an recent grad in melbourne trying to do the same thing as a domestic student. But i can however tell you about work standards and laws in Australia if you are doing work for a company that they benifit from in a fincaial maner you must be paid at or above award wage for that role here's a link that explain the law regarding unpaid work in Australia fairwork is great site to also find out about award wages and the diffrence between casual and part time etc.

There are a lot of dodgy emploeers out there seeking to take advantage of people unaware of the law and they especially target international student so be very careful what you agree to do and for how much

Good luck with the Hunt

Oct 6, 19 7:40 am

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