How do I Transition to UX


I am a 24 year old architect working at a small design firm in India. I have tried 2 firms in a single year and I've lost all interest in being an architect. Always over working and underpaid. I see my seniors who work so hard but always underpaid. They have no work life balance. I don't want a career in Architecture. I feel fortunate that at an early age I found out that I'm not interested in Architecture any more.

After doing some research I found some architects turned UX designers. I'm really interested in UX. So

1- How do I Transition to UX?

2- There are so many master's degrees like HCI, interaction design, information science, Industrial design and many more. What master's should I pursue to become a UX designer? Can a UX design certification land me job?

Sep 17, 19 10:24 am
Non Sequitur

Maybe, but that space is very aggressive too with equal, if not higher, turn over.

Sep 17, 19 11:01 am  · 

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