Msc Advanced Architecture at Frankfurt University of Applied Science, is it good ?


Hi there!

I noticed this master programme for a couple of months now, it is entirely in English but I can not seem to find any student who studied there or any student work from the programme?

So if anyone studied there, is it good? Is it worth it ?

Or if you know anyone that went there I would love to contact them.

Thank you!

Aug 25, 19 10:29 pm

Same here, I'd like to enroll there in 2020 but very little information about the students.

JW, do you have prospective univs beside Frankfurt University of Applied Science? 

I am thinking of ITECH Stuttgart, and Dessau International Architecture (DIA), its just Stuttgart is expensive  

Sep 1, 19 2:30 am  · 
1  · 

No it's not good. It's bad. 

Sep 1, 19 6:18 am  · 

and why is that? Do you know somebody there, or by any chance, were you graduated from there?

Sep 2, 19 3:51 am  · 

I have the same question 

Sep 27, 19 2:14 pm  · 

There's Staedelschule Architecture Class in frankfurt as well.

Oct 24, 19 6:40 am  · 

I have same question here, currently I don't hold a german language cert & still finding english taught M-ARCH program. Found Dessau International Architecture (DIA) but hardly find in-depth info about it, wondering can someone share about their experience in M-ARCH. 

Apr 23, 21 2:40 am  · 

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