What is the best path for progression in architecture?


Hi All,

I'm just looking some advice from people who are more experienced than me in the world of architecture..

I'm a 19 year old guy from the UK, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to begin work straight after my a levels in an architectural practice as a trainee Architectural Technician. I work 4 days a week while doing a HNC for one day - I've been doing this for a year now, and like to think I'm picking up cad skills and learning building knowledge well (it is all completely new to me - I studied sciences etc in school and sixth form - nothing to do with construction). I enjoy work greatly as I find architecture interesting and always enjoy the challenge of learning new things. However, I am and ambitious and always looking into the future as to how I can better myself, and was wondering what a good pathway would be for me to take as I become older and more knowledgeable in construction. I have to admit I am not too interested in studying to become a full architect, and even though I love my job I don't want to do it forever (that's looking a long time ahead of course!) - so what kind of jobs are there in the construction / architectural world could be ahead for me? Of course property development is the big money maker, but you need to be pretty well off to start thinking about that as a primary job. What would you guys suggest as options as I get older?

Aug 13, 19 4:18 pm

Get a Civil Engineering degree with a concentration in structures or construction management. Several U/K colleges offer the programs. 

Aug 14, 19 2:06 pm
( o Y o )

Best path for progression: marry an heiress. 

Aug 14, 19 2:56 pm


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