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Small Boutique hotel: 

Codes clearly state that a lobby can be used as an intervening space off of a two hour fire rated stair for a hotel. I am thinking of all of the hotels I've actually been in, there are large expansive lobbies off of fire stairs. And yet IBC states that fire stairs must exit directly to the exterior. 

  1. As well sections of the IBC state that  stairs must exit  directly to exterior.  This seems to fly in the face of basically every hotel I've been in.
  2. Also if one were to allow the whole lobby to be part of a protected corridor, (since a fire stair empties into it)  then are all the windows and doors the 90 miniute rated even if  they lie on exterior walls? 
  3. It is not easy to find a read on the exterior of the buildling other than, it's not a protected assembly from a fire code stand point. 
Aug 11, 19 1:53 pm
Non Sequitur

what is the question? Sure, some exit stairs can empty in public corridors as long as their are other exit stairs elsewhere in the building.  It’s not uncommon to have this when the building is sprinklered.  IBC is not applicable In my area tho. 

Aug 11, 19 2:00 pm  · 

go back to your code.. the exception for stairs exiting through lobbies is in there.

Aug 12, 19 5:56 am  · 

Limited to sprinklered buildings, and egressing no more than half the occupants. Many jurisdictions also require that you have direct line of sight from the Exit across the lobby to the exit of the building. Look at section 1028 I believe


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