DAAD Scholarship 2020

Hello guys! anyone applying for the DAAD scholarship for 2020? I would like to get in touch with you all,as the process is quite lengthy and website quite confusing. Discussing the process of application could be mutually helpfuly. The applications are out and the deadline is September 30th. 



Aug 11, 19 1:53 pm

I am applying also, quite tedious but i should be done this week

Sep 17, 19 8:28 pm

Hi Ashlon  and Amara, I hope you guys have applied for it, do you have any clue about when the results will be out? Also, which all colleges are you applying for?

Oct 23, 19 12:28 am

Yeah I did apply, I dont remember the exact dates, I am guessing Feb or March.

I applied for March-T, Typlogy at TU Berlin and ITECH at University of Stuttgart. Just gave two options, and the others weren't in line with my interest. What about you?


Hi, I have applied for Urban Design in TU Berlin, European Urban Studies in Bahaus Weimar and Architecture in Hs. Wismar.


Do you know anyone who had in the past availed this scholarship?


No, I just met one scholar last year, I had a brief talk with him regarding the scholarship.


No, I just met one scholar last year, I had a brief talk with him regarding the scholarship. 

Oct 26, 19 3:26 am

could you share some info?


Do you mind if I contact you over a personal message?


Hi guys, I applied for this scholarship last year being shortlisted between the last 150 applicants, so I know a bit of how the process works, right now I can tell you that my application has been received as well as my documents, if you have any questions, let me know, I am here to help you!

Nov 5, 19 10:25 am

The application process for winter sem 2020 will start soon. Can we still apply for scholarship without having an acceptance from the universities?

I haven't sone that yet. gues I should go check.
Any tips?

Jan 14, 20 12:38 pm

yes, you can apply


Hope everyone is satisfied with results (if they are already published). Any tips about the portfolio, just besides the official guidelines? I know it's hard to get liked by the commission:)

Jan 26, 20 7:44 am

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