Psychology of Architects


Being someone who has tried to interact with architects in my related field of 3D architectural rendering, I have found it a little difficult to find where Architects socialize to meet-and-greet. 

Some more experienced individuals in this field have told me that architects just don't go out as much, mainly I would assume, due to their busy work schedules. But with this, I'm curious if Introversion is a common attitude that people have going into the architecture career, or if they become more introverted by the career?

If you aren't introverted I'm curious how many of you there are! Just an interesting idea I had that I am sure someone has brought up before. 

Jul 19, 19 3:00 pm
Non Sequitur

I have many architect friends who I socialize with very often... same with many non-arch folks... but our social outings involve very few architect-related things.  So perhaps the secret is to find something other than your day job to focus on.  

It's worth noting that I am in no way an introverted person... even though I despise anything that boxes up complicated things into convenient little boxes.  This is horoscope level simplicity and is best suited for those who can't be bothered to think beyond the label.

Jul 19, 19 3:14 pm

I believe that labels really do simplify things too much at times, its more of a quick thought to compare different personalities in career choices. There are always outliers though.


I'm an extremely social person and I socialize often with Architects. The thing I think you might be running into is a cold reception because people get the impression you're trying to push a sale on them.

We have frequent AIA happy hours in my area and most people just want to have a drink and unwind, maybe commiserate a little or catch up with old colleagues who've moved elsewhere. Occasionally a consultant or product rep will drop in and it's *extremely* obvious when they're just fishing for leads. People avoid them. 

I could be wrong but I say this only because I've encountered it a lot. Perhaps the architects are socializing with each other, they're just avoiding you. Don't take it personally.

Jul 19, 19 4:18 pm

I totally agree


Why do you want to socialise with us? You are not one of us. What can we gain from socialising with someone like you? 

Jul 19, 19 4:33 pm

That's, uh, mean.


Interesting perspective. 


I can’t stand talking to other architects. They are a boring bunch.

Jul 19, 19 5:34 pm

I never interact with other Architects, too much posturing / posing / debate, and besides they aren't going to offer me any new commissions!


haha very funny. I feel people can have that perspective a lot in their own careers


I'm an introvert and yet because of professional ambition and responsibilities, as well as having an extremely extroverted life partner, I'm out socializing 5 to 6 nights a week. 

This can be exhausting, and to have somebody try to overtly sell me something while I'm out socially, is pretty annoying. 

A better tact would just be to make friends with architects socially, and then, during work hours, follow up with them and let them know you'd be happy to provide services for them. As with most jobs, it's who you know (and timing is everything). 

Jul 19, 19 6:37 pm

Oh man. I’d lose my mind having to socialize 5-6 night a week. I’m a one night a month kinda guy...


Makes sense

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