M.Arch 1 vs. M.Arch 2 at Havard GSD.

I just completed my B.Arch from Mumbai University and I'm looking to apply for Masters. I was confused between M.Arch 1 and M.Arch 2 at GSD and does M.Arch 2 end with a Thesis?

Would like to know about it as it would help me to know it better.

Jul 18, 19 11:21 am

That took me literally five seconds to find

Jul 18, 19 4:28 pm

I know! i read it on their site, i want to know about it in greater detail, precisely from someone who has done it.


You said you were confused between the two programs. I just didn't see your reason for asking as you are likely only able to do the M.Arch II post-professional degree because of your B.Arch. The thesis information is also online


If you ask something more pointed, I'm sure a GSD grad would be happy to help you


iirc you aren't eligible for the m.arch ii as it is designed for graduates who already have a professional (i.e. accredited in the usa) degree.  also, the absolute vast majority of m.arch ii's have worked professionally in some capacity, i don't think many are fresh graduates.

a lot of foreign students will go into the ii program as it doesn't have that requirement (but does give you a harvard degree) but most of them are miserable and toxic to studio culture, and i believe as a result this program is now much, much more difficult to get into.  

Jul 22, 19 9:49 pm

of course ymmv as the bar for admission is already stratospheric and generally biases against students who do not research the (copious) literature available on the gsd website.  

Jul 22, 19 9:51 pm

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