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So I have had a few posts over the last couple years about my transition from employee, to possibly "buying out" my boss then ultimately deciding to go off on my own to pursue my own work. It has been 8 months or so since taking the leap. Overall I can't complain too much, I am busy enough, riding the ebb & flow of the industry. I am paying my bills and look to be on track to matching my previous salary and then some. Not to mention the freedom to do things on my own terms. I do miss having a mentor and reached out to my old boss asking for advice on a few things. He said he had been thinking about me and offered to take me out to lunch to chat. I have a feeling he is going to potentially offer me back a position in the office. I am not looking for that but I do see the opportunities he has and like I said in previous posts, he is thinking about retirement. Now I am not looking to buy him out but I was thinking of pitching the idea of a collaboration or possibly for him to refer me to projects that he is not interested in. Maybe he gets a kick back or % of the project etc. Has anyone experienced a similar situation? At the end of the day, I am starting from the bottom of the barrel, which is fine, but why not try to leverage off of someone who has better opportunities. Anyway any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

Jul 15, 19 9:07 am

Any finders fees or % should not be "off the top", but instead tied to the ultimate completion and profitability of the job.   If he/she wants to collaborate with you, do it as subcontract or joint venture arrangement. Make sure it is done in a way that benefits and increases the credibility of your new business.

Jul 15, 19 1:25 pm  · 

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