Warehouses and architecture


Any architecture students, interns, or graduates who have experience
designing warehouses? I'd be curious to hear about your experiences,
even if it was not designing them but working in them. Preferably in the US but other countries are applicable as well.

Jul 7, 19 6:14 pm

I design a lot of warehouses.   They are usually a rectangular box, with a 1/8" pitch roof, and a pre engineered steel building package, some overhead doors, few man doors.  Sometimes we get crazy and stick an office on the front and say " / office!"

Not sure what else your looking for.  Pretty basic stuff really.

Jul 7, 19 10:08 pm
Non Sequitur

I’ve done plenty of industrial buildings, most were not dumb simple boxes.  I’ve also worked 4 summers in them too to pay for university. 

Jul 7, 19 10:16 pm

tilt-up is awesome.  If you have a million square foot concrete box, be mindful of how far people have to walk from their car to the front door.

Jul 7, 19 10:19 pm
Non Sequitur

I'd be more cautious about distance to bathrooms... lots of hidden-corners can serve double duty if you don't feel (or can't) like walking 200m.



wurdan freo

Need to understand needs of end user. What size pallets and racking system? Will extra high clear space be required for user or market served? Any special floor flatness requirements?

I'd be interested to hear if any one has been designing cold storage. Are you designing walk in coolers to fit in regular storage space or designing the building to be one huge walk in cooler? 

Jul 8, 19 11:14 am

Yeah pretty simple. Long span over 4 walls with a slab. Often a mezzanine. Man doors and overhead doors, some windows. Sometimes loading docks sometimes with levelers, some that ramp. Metal buildings or pole barns or recycled double tees. Office space is often two stories while the warehouse is double height (with that mezzanine.) Wheaties box turned on it's side. It's my favorite project type because it can so easily be recycled in a new space and use. Two of my first projects were a large chicken shed and a popcorn storage building. 

Jul 9, 19 9:04 pm

high pile storage, fire department access doors, smoke and heat vents, ESFR, travel distance to restrooms can be appealed and probably granted if all employees in the warehouse use forklifts

Jul 10, 19 10:10 am

This should tell you all you need to know:

Jul 10, 19 11:37 am

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