architecture tattoos


I admire this guy so much:

so, if you haven't already what would you get?

I'm weak with needles so this is just hypothetical for me. And my first choice is already taken. I think I'd go with James Stirling's Leicester Engineering Building (the tower part) It's just so angular and clunky and damp. I'd want to feel it on my skin all the time.

Jun 27, 19 10:47 am
Non Sequitur


But in all seriousness, that perspective drawing works very well.  I have no interest in tattoos, mostly because I don't think I could ever make up my mind on something, but the linework ones can be stunning.

Jun 27, 19 10:53 am

One of my friends has the Modulor on her arm. Very simple but pretty cool!

Jun 27, 19 11:57 am
atelier nobody

I've thought about getting my license stamp somewhere - not sure where, though, since I already have other things planned out for most of the good spots.

Jun 27, 19 1:29 pm
atelier nobody

I've also considered a Corinthian capital.


the capital would be awesome


Found this on a random search, bringing it back. I have a sagrada familia section from my shoulder down to my wrist. Not done yet, but definitely my favorite tattoo that I have

Nov 19, 19 12:47 am

Lets see it. How can you ever finish it :)


ooooof c'mon haha. I'll put it up today


okay I put it up now


I recently added this to my collection

Nov 19, 19 10:50 am
atelier nobody



This is the most up to date one I have. Still needs Poche and linework done

Nov 19, 19 5:05 pm


Non Sequitur

Does it include this sweet column base?


To be fair he was a little "off" from what I've read. And unfortunately no turtle on the section. Maybe I'll get just get a picture of this...uh.. memorable detail... flanking the section with frank's binoculars.


For a while in grad school I thought a fun tattoo would be a dimension line between two knuckles on my index finger. Never got around to inking it, though.

Nov 19, 19 5:33 pm

I'm in the process of getting another machine, might have to put my own spin on this idea

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