Architect fee


Does anyone know how much is architectural fee ($/sf) for a warehouse. Thanks! 

Jun 12, 19 7:43 pm
atelier nobody

I'll be rich, I tell you, rich!

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Jun 12, 19 7:56 pm
Non Sequitur

$271 per square pound. Payable on Tuesday only. 

Jun 12, 19 8:08 pm

Not my project!! Don't get too excited! :D

Jun 12, 19 8:16 pm

You give zero info, you got what what you brought.


usually we try to work for free, but $1.25 might work too

Jun 12, 19 9:11 pm

$0.30 per cubic yard of concrete used.

Jun 12, 19 9:52 pm

As much as the client is willing to pay and as little as the architect is willing to work for, give or take.

Jun 13, 19 7:54 am

Correct answer.


Depends on the services you're requesting. 

Is your A/E providing all design services? Do you have multiple design contracts?  Do they have a subconsultant (10% markup)? Are you retaining them through all phases of the project? 

Depending on the project and how much of a PITA you are as a client, you should expect a fee somewhere between 4 and 12% of the construction cost.  It all comes down to what randomised said.  Now, if you have ridiculous ideas about what a building is going cost you, then you'll obviously have a skewed idea of what the A/E should cost. 

I can assure you that metal building supplier who is telling you that you can have a building for $55/sf is full of shit (I run into this constantly.  PEMB suppliers tell a client they can get a building for some ridiculous price.  Yes, you can have a building.  Lying on your site in pieces).

Jun 13, 19 8:27 am

Call liberskind, he will charge one million per acute angle.  

Jun 13, 19 11:00 am
Non Sequitur

How much for an obtuse? Asking for a friend.


Not sure, but tell your friend there is a 2 for 1 Groupon for liberskind obtuse angles.


Obtuse angle? Or obtuse architect?


I prefer acute architect.

Steven Ward
A serious answer for Ellen: there’s no answer.

An architect making a proposal might provide a fee based on budget, anticipated time involved x hourly rates, or just a per-hour fee. Seldom will it be a per-sf fee, except in some cases like straighforward tenant fit-outs of office space.

Thus the snark. Good luck!
Feb 21, 20 6:48 am

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