Internalise VS Externalise architecture renderings


Internalise VS Externalise architecture renderings


I am interested in the question: should we do our renderings ourself or should we use the service of dedicated companies?
Sometimes I want my team to do the renderings, but I think it is taking quite some time to get the same result as professional render guys.
I think renderings companies are quite expensive but comparing with the time it take for one of a "non-expert" guy internally, I wonder what is the best cost-efficient.

What are your experience about this?

May 19, 19 12:39 pm

Hire better people.

May 19, 19 1:34 pm

I always did the 3d visualizations by myself. In time, other offices in the branch requested my 3d support for their projects, so my services shifted more to architectural visualizations. So, be careful what you wish for :D. 

You have to invest a lot of time and money to compare with the professional guys, and you always have to be updated with the latest software and hardware. 

I may suggest you hire an in-house 3d guy, and let the rest of the team focus on the design.

If you don't want to spend money on hardware and software for this, or if you need renderings just occasionally, then is better to outsource this.

There are other options, of course, and this is a big question for many offices. 

Whatever option you chose I think you should see this as an investment not a cost. This could add more value to your services and increase the income. So you have to think which option can give you more value with less effort and go with that. 

Hope you'll find the best solution that suits your office profile.

May 23, 19 3:11 am

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