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Hello, im looking for information on employment in the Netherlands since my husband (who is in IT) was recently offered a generous salary in NL for a permanent position in a good company and we are thinking if moving to the NL is a good step forward.

I hold an EU (from a greek university/polytechnic) Architecture degree equal to an MArch and i have 8 years of experience in design, Autocad, PS, Indesign, Revit etc, project management and more in internationally known Architectural offices. I also think i am able/qualified to register in Architecten Register in the Netherlands.

However i only speak Greek and English (Fluently) but no Dutch. Will not speaking Dutch be an obstacle in securing employment in the NL? Are there any international offices which would accept experienced candidates for employment only with English? Are there any resources to help with finding vacancies etc?

Furthermore how are things int he construction industry in NL nowadays?


May 13, 19 11:39 am

You will find some issues at your level - advancing within a Dutch company without speaking Dutch, but finding work should be possible for sure. And you can learn the language. Best to find an office working on international projects.

list of offices:

May 13, 19 2:53 pm  · 

So bookmark this, for English scroll down:

May 13, 19 3:48 pm  · 


Aug 5, 20 7:06 am  · 

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