Deciding on a Summer Internship


Hi all, I am a B.Arch student finishing my third year at USC. I am currently trying to decide between a few summer internships, which I know are integral to my career path. Last summer, I interned at a small firm in Dallas. This summer, I am deciding between Page/ in Dallas being an Intern Architect, JACOBS in Dallas being a Facilities Stragies Consultant Intern, or Rockefeller Kempel in LA being an Intern Architect. I am also hoping to eventually pursue design and business consulting/brand management/marketing. Please let me know any and all thoughts, thanks! 

Apr 25, 19 6:53 pm
Non Sequitur

whatever you do, make sure it’s a paid gig. 

Apr 25, 19 7:21 pm



Facilities Strategy Consulting sounds a lot more analytical and engaging than the typical work of a summer intern. i'd go without that; it won't hurt you if you later choose to pursue a traditional path in an architecture firm. and it might lead you towards an alternative career path, or at least give you some insight few junior architects would have.

Apr 26, 19 12:50 am

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