Licensing as an International Student


Any international students who are working as licensed architects in the US?

I got accepted into UTSA, which is now STEM-coded and offers the possibility of obtaining an OPT extension after graduation. I also got accepted into Texas A&M, which has a much better quality of education compared to UTSA, but does not offer the extension since it's not STEM-coded. 

My main goal is to stay in the US after graduation. However, I'm not sure whether it's possible to get a working visa if you aren't licensed. I've been reading the NCARB website; although it's possible to complete hours in your home country + internships, it seems unlikely that a student can complete the licensing process right after graduation.

If I go to UTSA, I might get a chance to extend my OPT have 3 years post-graduation to get licensed. If I go to A&M, I would have 1 year only, but would receive a much better education and connections. I'm unsure about what to do.

Mar 24, 19 6:35 pm

Licensure is not a prerequisite for obtaining permission to work.

Mar 24, 19 7:26 pm

I wasn't aware of this. Thank you.


"My main goal is to stay in the US after graduation."


Mar 24, 19 11:24 pm

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