Master of Architecture and Urban design-Politecnico Di Milano


Hello guys ,

I got admission in the master of Architecture and Urban design in Polimi , and wanted to chat with seniors or people aware of that program .

Since two years I was planning for Polimi and this year , I finally decided to apply on this year and got it,

The program for this field is really amazing , I also heard great reviews about teachers and methods of teaching in labs, I read about it and all but I wanted to have opinions about the study plan,for preference, like a course or lab that's better than the other.

Anyone here also admitted (Milano Leonardo campus) ? could be great to start keeping in touch.

Thanks for answers.

Mar 24, 19 12:46 pm

Hi amirachaghal, congratualiton. I got admission too. I have few questions about the curriculum etc. Keep in touch!

Mar 25, 19 5:40 pm

Hey glad to find someone here too :) Congrats on your admission too ! Yeah sure let's keep in touch

Mar 26, 19 3:45 am

Hey, congratulations! I recently got my acceptance from Milan Poly too. But I have an offer from GSAPP (M.S. AAD) so i'm still weighing up the options. What about you? Have you confirmed? 

Mar 28, 19 9:41 am

Hey Iceinmen , thank you very much ! Congrats for GSAPP ,surely you have two awesome choices ! I know about GSAPP as one of the best in America(mostly 4th or so according to some ranking )

In world ranking , didn't see the excat position but for Polimi is 9th in Architecture ! so double congrats :)

for me , Yes I have confirmed cause I have only chosen Polimi , Heard so many good reviews about it during my bachelor and courses looks like what I need ,among other few stuff :)

So take your time , as I told you,it's hard to choose when you've got two great choice.

let's us know your final choice :)

Mar 29, 19 9:53 am

Yes, definitely. Would be good to know someone before coming :)


Are you an international student?


yes I am :) and you ?

Mar 30, 19 9:43 pm

Yep, me too :) Where are you from?


Sorry for l the ong time absence , was busy with school

so I'm from Tunisia and you ?

Apr 8, 19 1:27 am

I'm from India. I finally made my decision to join Polimi so I guess I'll see you there! Keep in touch


hey, iceinmen I am from India tooo. where are you from? if youre okay lets talk on the phone once?

I am considering accepting a place in the same program. Do you all know much about the student to teacher ratios, what thesis projects are like, etc? I am American and am curious how well this program has translated for Americans who intend to work in the US long term

Apr 11, 19 7:36 pm

Hi amirachaghal! Hi everyone! Me too, I’ve been admitted to Architecture and Urban Design AY 2019/2020 :)

Btw, I also have questions with the study plans. Indeed, the programme sounds exciting and challenging.

Keep in touch!

May 17, 19 11:31 am

Hello everyone, My name is Dhruv Shah. I am from India, congratulations to all fot getting in!. Even i have gotten in Polimi. I have also gotten into UCL M.Arch riba part II. And i am super confused. The fees is high and the name of the university is better. can someone help me out over here!

Jun 9, 19 2:07 pm

If money is not much of a constraint, UCL, no doubt. Where are you from?


Hi guys, I'm Vanessa from Hong Kong, currently in the Master's program of architecture and urban design. I can tell you one or two things that I only found out after arrival (or maybe I just didnt know enough before coming):

1. For those of you used to having your own studio space, there isnt such a thing in polimi. Everyone works in the common areas and sometimes it's a mess.. (hence the low tuition compared to institutions in the UK, US, and australia) Also, parts of the campus is under renovation so a lot of workspaces are cut down and it can be difficult to find a space to work at school.

2. Two studio courses per semester, all done in groups of (usually) 3-4 students. These require huge amount of group meetup time and a lot of students struggle with consensus in design decisions and different work methods, but just keep your mind open to different options and opinion (and know when to give up lol).

3. Some professors don't really speak good English, and, despite the school hosting great lectures by famous architects (Tadao Ando, Max Dudler, MAD this year), translations are in Italian so it's sometimes difficult for non-Italian speakers to participate in certain activities/lectures/workshops.

4. This is quite a common comment about the school- Polimi is very technical, meaning that it's theory-oriented, and theres a structural design course specifically in this program that (at least to me) was friggin hard, coz we had to calculate static forces, service and ultimate limit states of steel and concrete, etc. You'll know when you get here. It's not unpassable, but you really have to try hard if you don't have a good grip in basic engineering.

Personally what I like about Polimi is not what I get out of the courses, but what I learn outside of school- design week, public lectures, workshops, etc. It's still a great learning experience despite some shit every student goes through..

If I were you, I'd choose Columbia or UCL no doubt.. But if you've already chosen Polimi, welcome to the school :') and just be mentally prepared for stress and not knowing when your semester will end coz they release exam dates really late.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I will give you as honest of an answer as possible.


Jun 11, 19 5:25 pm

Hi, Vanessa. Thanks for that truth pill. Are you in your second year now? This was probably the most helpful comment regarding Polimi (didn't opt for Columbia, so yes, will be in Milan soon). Thanks! A couple of other questions - What are the kind of electives on offer? What is your verdict on the faculty? How are the job opportunities at Polimi? Is there a publication or an e-magazine where we can look at the student work from the last few years? Would you recommend Polimi's student housing or should we look for accommodation on our own (any good areas nearby?). Sorry, that's a lot of questions. Thanks in advance and hope to see you there!


Hi iceinmen,


sorry for not replying sooner- havent been checking.


you're probably already in school now and submitted your study plan? so you should have an idea on the electives. if not, you can always go on google, search for 'search a programme polimi' and look at their course descriptions. their elective courses are quite helpful in terms of knowledge you gain, if you know which ones to pick. (you can also click on individual professors and see which ones have the highest student ratings). the faculty really is quite diverse in terms of good and bad teachers, so be sure to check them out before choosing your courses (next year?). once you become a student, the school provides career service online for the mandatory internship, and you can also apply to jobs by yourself through that online system. in terms of publication or e-magazine.. i dont know if such a thing exists, but i do know that some students upload their portfolios on issuu, and some studios have their students' projects uploaded online as well, which might be hard to find. (if someone knows such a magazine exists, sharing is caring!) for student housing, it should be quite competitive and could be hard for you to actually get one (?) im not sure about the details but i found a room on Dovevivo. there are other websites like spotahome for housing. hope
u've resolved all urgent problems now! good luck with school!


Could I ask you anyone here, are you still active? 

Dec 7, 19 1:12 am

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