Should I get a BSAT and graduate early or stick it for the 5 year BArch? In both cases I want to go to Graduate school.


Hi all,

I am a second year student at NYIT currently for the B.Arch program. I already have a BA in Sociology and Criminology from a different school (UNCW). Currently I am facing a dilemma. I have come to realize that my main focus in architecture is going to become more theoretical and researched focused, merging the teachings from both of my degrees to eventually perform research on how architecture and design in general shapes and affects our society. I would like to research and also eventually to teach but this does not mean I do not want to design, just that I would like to focus more on public projects where I feel the designs I create can make a difference than on private projects. 

As I go into my 3rd year, I have 2 options both of which end in me going for an M.Arch and hopefully for a PhD. 

Option 1: Because I already have all of my electives and core courses covered by my first degree, I can graduate with a BS in Architectural Technology next year. By most school's standards I would then be able to apply to a 2-3 year M.Arch II program. Thus total time in school is between 5-6 years. 

Option 2: Or I can go for the B.Arch, which will take 5 years regardless of my previous degree because studio classes are sequential, and you can only take one per semester. With this I could go for an M.Arch I program which will only take 1-2 years. Thus total time in school is 6-7 years.

Financially, Option 1 seems to be the better choice. Even 1 year less in school will save me money and get me started earlier in the workforce (I am currently working full time while getting my degree as a 3D Render Artist but also doing general CAD work and helping in some aspects of designs at a firm in NY).

That being said, I fear I may miss out on my chance to go to a better school by not strengthening my portfolio with an B.Arch degree. If I did just the BSAT, I would be riding on 2 years of portfolio work, plus the help of my first degree, as well as my GPA (which is currently a 4.0). 

This all being said, I'm really stuck in my decision. I love being in studio and working with the friends I've made at NYIT, but I'm also 27 and need to get working on my future sooner than the 19 year olds in my class. 

If anyone can offer any advice, whether it be "do this option" or offering other things to consider in the decision it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



Mar 23, 19 2:17 pm
Non Sequitur

When you have the choice, always pick the accredited route.  Take the Barch and work for a while.  Then consider a  masters or PhD.

Mar 23, 19 8:29 pm

"I would be riding on 2 years of portfolio work, plus the help of my first degree, as well as my GPA (which is currently a 4.0)."  Man, I'd have a hard time suggesting this route purely because 2 years of portfolio work is not enough, especially since NYIT is semester based. It's too few projects... if you are serious about being an academic and researching (and therefore going for a phd) i think having a b. arch with solid time and experience doing projects would be really important.

put it this way: if you go the b.arch route and look back on where you were previously when you had only 2 years of portfolio work, you'll realize how little you knew about design. 

MArchII and phd candidates are serious people--the b.arch experience will help you be successful in those arenas.

Apr 2, 19 4:48 pm

Stick with the BArch.  While you're in school, the idea of staying in school for the next 7-10 years to do a masters and PhD is so appealing.  However, once you get out and start work, it is really hard to stomach the idea of going back.  With a BArch, you don't have to go back if you don't want to, and you can still have a full career. 

Apr 2, 19 5:14 pm

You should of just went into an M.arch 3 year first professional degree and not wasted anytime in undergrad again since you already have a  BS. You could prob still transfer or switch into NYIT's M.arch program...

Apr 2, 19 9:49 pm

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