Connections in Cleveland, Ohio?

Hi All,

Does anyone know/have connections to architects/architecture firms in Cleveland? I am trying to find an internship there this summer, and I have found that it's a whole lot easier to land an interview if you have some kind of connection vs. just a random cold call or email.

Thank you in advance!

Mar 22, 19 12:36 pm

Plenty of firms looking...

Mar 23, 19 3:12 pm

you’re asking people to find you a job?

Mar 23, 19 5:14 pm

I think the weirder thing is - if you're trying to find work via a 'connection' , that doesnt come from randomly asking strangers on the internet... this comes from actually going out into a community and meeting people, rubbing elbows, and getting to know the market in person. Asking someone you've never met for a connection to a firm is just such a bizarre thing ...

Mar 23, 19 8:42 pm
Wood Guy

I'd argue that your definition is how it used to work. Kids these days seem adept at using social media (including this site) as part of their network. Adapt or die...


Much harder to confirm reality through digital identity though, no? I fall into the millenial category of people who should be adept at reaching out through social media, etc... but i dont see the use. A good firm handshake when you look someone in the eye is infinitely more powerful than some online DM's, and is actually useful for referenicng when circling back months or even years later. All of my internships during school and real jobs post-graduation came via some form of in-person networking.

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