M.arch part time study + part time work a bad look for employers?


I recently took a year out after bachelors to work in a firm. I went to go back to do M.Arch however I am finding it hard to balance Firm work and Study and therefore considering part time study + part time work (4 days a week). 

Could this in anyway reflect badly on my future employment opportunities? given that I will be 25 when I graduate and would have taken double the time to finish my M.Arch..

Mar 19, 19 11:44 pm

No.  The average age of students in M.Arch programs is late 20s, with many in their 30s, and some older. Grad students are adults, who often have family and work commitments. Many people take years off between their bachelor and master degrees, and/or take leaves of absence, have some semesters that aren't full time, work part-time, and have any number of reasons for different timelines. There's no expectation that they all do things on the same schedule. No employer is going to ask you your age, check your transcripts, or care about how long it took you to finish your M.Arch. 

In the very unlikely event that somebody notices, cares, and asks about why your degree took longer for you than it does for some, all you need to say is that you were working in a firm at the same time that you were doing your M.Arch and it was important to you to be able to continue working and be able to balance both.

Mar 20, 19 9:49 am

Work experience is much more important to a prospective employer than how long it took you to finish school.   In fact, balancing a job and grad school suggests you may have some decent time management and organizational skills.

Mar 20, 19 11:58 am

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