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Hey guys I am an architecture student working toward my b. Arch and have a lot of technical knowledge of almost all the programs we need for courses such as studio such as autocad, rhino, fusion 360, inventor, illustrator, Indesign, photoshop and many more. So I am here to offer my help since I haven’t found a forum that does that and i think many students could benefit

Mar 3, 19 10:22 am

how do I import 3D models from paint into rhino?

Mar 3, 19 11:47 am

You have to export a s a .dxf or .dwg file


paint is raster based. don't you need a vector file to expert as dxf?

Lewis Garrison

Live trace the raster image in illustrator export as a .dwg then import into rhino. BOOM. lmao ;)


It’s not an image it’s a 3d model...BOOM


well it depends what you want to use the paint file as. Do you plan on using it as a material for rendering or were you trying to use lines drawn on paint as curves and poly surfaces for rhino?

Mar 3, 19 1:48 pm
Non Sequitur

If I draw my wall sections in MsPaint, what is the easiest way to convert them to revit families? I've tried exporting through sketchup make, but I just can't seem to get good results.


I made a model of NYC in paint. now I want to export that model into rhino so I can make renderings. Someone told me I can use excel for that, but i don’t believe them

Mar 3, 19 7:46 pm

They are correct, Excel is for building websites.


Why do I exist?

Mar 4, 19 5:29 am

Because your parents fornicated.


Why are lemons sour?

Mar 4, 19 10:51 am

Do casino owners gamble? 

Mar 8, 19 6:06 pm

Hey my youtube channel shows Rhino 6 and photoshop tutorials If anyones interested!

Aug 25, 19 10:18 pm

How to get better at understanding tech? going into 3rd year for Ba and always gotten the lowest marks in tech modules, the way I see it it's just a matter of finding applicable precedents for my design but I don't know where to look. Any ideas?

Aug 27, 19 7:00 am
Non Sequitur

study harder.

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