M.Arch Fall 2019 Decisions/Results


Age/Citizenship/Course applied for

Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated 

GPA - GRE  - TOEFL (for Int'l students) 

Work Experience:

Letter of recommendations: (from whom)

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

Schools applied to:

In: college name + course + scholarship amount

Out: college name + course 

Wait-listcollege name + course 

Awaiting: college name + course 

Open house impressions: 

Results: (the school you plan to attend and why)


Feb 27, 19 3:00 pm

30 / F / US

Undergraduate BFA of Illustration / Kendall College of Art and Design / 2012 

GPA 3.93 (Kendall)  GRE V 164, Q 156, W 3.5 

Letter of recommendations - 3 from bosses, 1 from professor

Portfolio - 3-year MArch Portfolio

Work Experience - 4 years as a video animator and editor, 5 years as a graphic designer/illustrator/marketer at AEC firm.


  • University of Michigan (idk yet)
  • UT Austin (Accepted 2/12/19, $$ idk)
  • UI Chicago (Accepted 2/25/19, $$ idk)
Feb 27, 19 5:01 pm

I LOVE your work!! Congrats on your acceptances!


Thanks! Update on U-Mich: Accepted with $$ offer.


Congrats! I am currently waitlisted at UT so please decline if you know you will go elsewhere.


Same here, I'm also waitlisted at UT.


Undergraduate: B.Envd/ CU Boulder / 2011

GPA: 3.3 GRE: V 164, Q 160

Letter of recommendations: 2 employers ( starchitect principal partner and associate partner) 1 manager/senior designer (famous design firm)


Work Experience: 8 years in 3 design firms. 3 in starchitecture firm, others known nationally. Lead designer of my own design group last 2 years.

Schools: M.Arch I

  • UCLA - IN  w/ $$$$ (essentially full-ride except for 1st yr non-resident)
  • UC Berkeley - idk
  • UPenn - idk
  • GSAPP - idk
  • GSD - idk
Feb 27, 19 6:44 pm

take the $$$$ and run.

The offer's very tempting for sure. I was actually surprised about that as I thought my grades would preclude me from any substantial aid.


Congratulations on UCLA! Was the aid package was included in your acceptance email?

Yup, received the fellowship offer along with their unofficial recommendation email.

GSD - Rejected, bummer.


Are you applying to M.arch 1 at the GSD? Your portfolio looks amazing, not sure why you were rejected. Perhaps overqualified with such work experiences?


if i had to guess, low gpa. regardless ucla with $$$$ is a great consolation prize.

Thanks iggy! Yes, if I had to guess, my average gre couldn’t compensate for my low gpa. Doesn’t help that I failed to track down any of my old studio professors. UCLA is definitely a very nice surprise, and it’s a good program in an amazing city.

UPenn - Accepted, financial aid pending.

GSAPP - Accepted with advanced standing.

UPenn - $$

Well, this cycle was quite the success for me I feel. Got into one of my top choices and received quite a bit of aid from others. Here are there results:

Well, this cycle was quite the success for me I feel. Got into one of my top choices and received quite a bit of aid from others. Rejected: GSD, Berkeley Accepted: UPenn ($$), GSAPP AP, UCLA ($$$$) Penn and UCLA's aid comes out to the same, but they're all 3 year programs and Penn's tuition is still quite a bit more than UCLA's. GSAPP waives 1st year, so that's 1 year of tuition and living expenses essentially "paid for". I'm leaning towards GSAPP just because it's only 2 years, giving me an extra year to work and start my own business. I won't be taking my loans either.


I am really keen on knowing how you demonstrated your professional work. Would be great if we could have a look at your portfolio.


Does anyone know when the admission notifications are usually received for the big schools? (GSD, MIT, yale, columbia..etc)

ANXIOUSLY awaiting.,...

Feb 28, 19 8:15 am

- 25/M/India

 - Undergraduate 5 year B.Arch/ 2016 

GPA 7.2/10

GRE-311  V153 Q158 AWA 4.5

Letter of recommendations - 3 of which 2 form professors 1 from employer and they'd be pretty solid

- Work Experience: almost 3 years working as an associate architect. Concept designer for many projects at the current firm


Schools UCB, ASU, UT Austin (MAAD), USC, UCincinnati, UVa. Basically, I am looking forward to schools with strong focus on sustainable design.

Results In at UCinci MArch 2 with $

Feb 28, 19 9:10 am

Any opinions on ASU on sustainable design front?


Update: in at USC (no $ yet), out at UVa :/


Hey which school have you finalized ?


I have got in at UMich UCin UIUC Syracuse and SCAD!


i'm waiting on B erkeley to finalise my decision. USC looks more promising than UCinci from curriculum point of view. Where are you headed?


i especially love the sections in your portfolio, very beautiful

Feb 28, 19 9:22 am

Hi. to whom was this directed at? :P


- 22/M(Gender-fluid)/Brazilian

 - Honors in Art/ UCI/ 2018 

3.6 -  GRE 157V/ 152Q/ 4.0 - 118 TOEFL 

Letter of recommendations - 4 letters from Professors: Drawing Professor (Retired), Digital Art Professor, Sculpture Professor, Architecture Professor.



Sci-Arc: Accepted $$$

MIT: Accepted (Idk Yet)

Yale: Accepted (Idk Yet)

 - Tips:

I made my portfolio 4 times from start to finish, I had many people look at it (mostly other artists though), and I tried to make my personal statements about my specific interests and how the school would help me accomplish them. Also I included very specific information about each program that I could figure out from online research. I know MIT has a lot of little nuggets of what they want you to talk about on their page. 

Feb 28, 19 6:40 pm

based on that portfolio MIT seems like an ideal fit


I think so as well. However, I'm really going to miss LA, I went to school around SCI-Arc and I was really into the Cool-Aid if you know what I mean. But I believe that MIT has all of the craziness of SCI-Arc but with better employability after graduation. Also there is the Fact that the Media Lab is right next door and I was always interested in applying.


sci arc is fine but honestly, apply to the media lab and fuck around making cool shit with neri oxman or whomever. i also think several of the mit faculty (william o'brien, anton and deborah @ ensamble) would be great mentors for you, given some of your work.


Update if anyone cares: Yale gave me $$ and MIT gave me $$$$$


what program did you apply to at MIT? I’m still waiting for my results!!





Undergraduate degree B.Arch American University of Beirut

GPA 3.77

GRE  V 152 Q151 A4.5


Letter of recommendations Dean, Chair, Coordinator, Thesis Advisor, Assistant Professor 

Portfolio Thesis Project, 5 Academic Design Projects, 1 Elective Project, Post-university curatorial works

Schools applied to Harvard GSD March II, MIT SmarchS AD

In Harvard GSD March II ($$$), MIT SmarchS AD (awaiting)

Results Most probably the SmarchS 

Tips GRE is a joke

Feb 28, 19 6:49 pm

your portfolio must be incredible


Update: SmarchS AD (full tuition + 26 k TA stipend)


How did you earn assistantship? Did you contact professors individually before being accepted?


Hi! Please post a link to your application portfolio.


To those who got accepted into their dream schools/top choices, first congrats ! Then pleaase don't forget to decline other offers asap, for those who are still anxiously waiting ! :(((

Mar 1, 19 6:04 am

Yes, please! 

Does anyone have experience being on the RISD waiting list?


Just curious, what schools are you waiting for?


Mainly UC Berkeley ! Got in at U Michigan but still waiting on this one to evaluate and decide (in the best case scenario of course)


Agree!! I'm in YSOA waiting list and really anxious



University of Louisiana at Lafayette 4+2 - May 2019 

3.83 GPA - V158/Q154/4.0 (for Int'l students) 

Work Experience: 3 Summer Internships. Over 1500hr in NCARB

Letter of recommendations: 1 employer, 3 professors

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

Schools applied to:

In: UT Austin - Master of Sustainable Design (funding to come)



Awaiting: U. Maryland, McGill, Ryerson

Mar 1, 19 12:07 pm

Which program at UT Austin? MAAD?




23 / M / US

Undergraduate: B.S. Architecture, Ohio State University, Honors, Research Distinction

GPA 3.8  GRE V 157, Q 157, W 4

Letter of recommendations - 3 professors: 1 is an alumni of Yale, 1 is an alumni of Harvard, 1 is an alumni of Columbia and a current professor at the GSD. 

Portfolio - Not going to post for the sake of anonymity, but it was 4 projects completed in undergrad and 1 research project. 

Work Experience - 2 years at two different large national architecture firms as a designer. 1 year at a small, local architecture firm as a designer during my senior year in undergrad



  • University of Michigan  MArch 1  (Accepted 2/27/19, $$$)
  • UCLA AUD MArch 1 (Accepted 2/27/19, No mention of funding)
  • Yale SoA  MArch1 (Accepted 2/28/19, Funding to come with official letter)


  • Harvard GSD  MArch 1 (Rejected 2/28/19)


  • Columbia GSAPP  MArch 1
  • UC Berkeley CED  MArch 1
  • Rice  MArch 1
Mar 1, 19 1:10 pm

Hey! That’s interesting that you have been accepted to UCLA but haven’t hear back from Berkeley. I’m in the opposite situation (admitted to Berkeley on 2/22)


Nice, congrats! I've been following their replies on gradcafe. Their admissions seem to be sporadic whereas the ones from the Ivy League schools seem to primarily all at once. I feel like Harvard and Yale sent out ALL of their stuff yesterday.


Update: Got into UC Berkeley MArch 1 with $10k fellowship!


Any word from Rice?


Can I ask, Have u gotten funding letter from Yale y


Just wondering, what happened with GSAPP, Berkeley, and Rice? And which did you choose?


Did MIT send out acceptances yet? 

Mar 1, 19 1:51 pm

yep, 1st round from mit was out yesterday


any idea when the second round comes out? or is it all just rejections from now on?




Anyone have any indication on when GSAPP and PennDesing send out decisions?

Mar 1, 19 2:10 pm

PennDesign says in their FAQ that all decisions will be available online March 14th​


However, I have received an acceptance email, without a letter from the design chair. (Applied to MLA) without the scholarship



Mar 1, 19 2:23 pm

22 / F / Beijing, China

Undergraduate: B.A. Arch Yale College w distinction

Letter of recommendations - 3 professors from Yale 1 internship director from GSAPP

Portfolio - Studio projects and other works

Work Experience - almost 1 year at a commercial firm in LA with experience on retail / mixed-use projects



  • YSOA MArch I (Alma Mater)


  • GSD MArch I (...Havard sucks)


  • Columbia GSAPP  MArch 1
  • MIT MArch 1
Mar 1, 19 4:37 pm

Hey, Congrats! is gsd better?


25 / M / Formerly Vietnam - Currently USA

Undergraduate degree / School: UT Austin - BArch - Spring 2019

GPA: 3.5 (major GPA) - GRE: 150V 160Q 4W

Portfolio: 4 Academic projects, 2 professional projects, some random hand drawings for personal section.

Work Experience:

6-month Professional Residency at Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, where I got exposed to numbers of projects in different phases. Earned 2 building permits and one of my wall mockup design got built.

Black & Vernooy Architects - summer internship at my UT Professor's firm

Letter of recommendations:

1 from COO of Barker Rinker Seacat - who is also a UT Austin Alumna

1 from Project / Intern Manager at Barker Rinker Seacat

1 from my UT Studio Professor

Schools applied to: UT Austin (MAAD Post-Professional), Washington University at St.Louis (MArch2), Princeton (MArch 2)


UT Austin (Waiting on $$)

WashU at St. Louis (Waiting on $$)

I got both acceptance letters on the same day of Feb 28

Awaiting: Princeton

Btw does anyone know exactly when Princeton is going to give out their decision?

Open house impressions: Will check out WashU campus on springbreak

Results: Probably WashU for new experiences.

Mar 1, 19 6:19 pm

Princeton said they should be sending out their results on March 7th


What's your preference though ?


If I got in Princeton, I'll go for Princeton in a heartbeat. But if I don't get in the School then I'll go for WashU. I'm not that confident about Princeton because I don't think my GPA and GRE scores are that competitive.


Alright. WashU is a great choice! I needed to confirm if one more of UT Austin seats would be available or not!! :D I too have applied to MAAD but haven't heard from them yet


Update on WashU: heard from them again today, I'm in with advanced placement and 80% scholarship. Still anxiously waiting on Princeton.


22/China/March 1,

B.S in Mathematics / NYUSH / 2019

3.3 - 155,170,5  - Waived

Work Experience: NONE

GSD Summer Design Discovery 2018

Letter of recommendations: 

Prof from Studio Art

Prof from Garden History

Dean of architecture and urban design studies department.

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: 

Very Personal and Mathematical one......

Schools applied to:

In: UCB, UVAMLA 15k, Pratt 60k.


Wait-list: NONE

Awaiting: GSAPP(MArch 3 year) UPENN(March 1), Northeastern,

Open house impressions: gsd summer was awesome. no chance to go for an open house. 

Results: Undecided

Tips: Don't care whatever placebeyondthesplines__ says

Mar 1, 19 9:46 pm

uva march 7500


Congratulations on your acceptances. Where did UVA share the scholarship information? With the letter of acceptance, in the status page website or did they send you an email? Thank you


Well, it is in the letter of acceptance linked in the status page. Hope that helps. Thanks


Oh my acceptance letter didn’t mention any funds so I guess I didn’t receive any. Thankx anyway and good luck


24/Chinese/MArch I

B. Envs in Archi / Melbourne U/ 2016

GPA 86/100 - GRE v162 / q169  - TOEFL 114 

Work Experience: 1 year at Melbourne firms + teaching at Unimelb

Letter of recommendations: 3 professors (one is the director of architecture dept., from US; one is a visiting prof. to Harvard)

                                                2 close instructors

                                                1 employer

[p.s. I catered the ref. list for different schools]

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

Schools applied to: GSD MIT YSoA Princeton GSAPP

In: GSD MIT YSoA (none has provided financial details yet)



Awaiting: Princeton GSAPP

Open house impressions: /

Results: MIT preferred...any opinion?

Tips: just try the best and enjoy your work...

Mar 2, 19 2:18 am

Beautiful portfolio!


princeton, or whomever gives you the most money


awesome portfolio!! and how this offer


awesome 100%-scholarship-qualified portfolio so why, gsd and mit


Thank you guys. Just a quick update. No financial aid from GSD, which I feel a bit upset and unexpected. Thought they would nomally offer 10k/y


I feel like most universities give priority financial aid to domestic students...


Update with the financial: GSD - zero. / MIT - $$ / YSoA - $$$ / Princeton - out / GSAPP - waitinglisted


@stewu which program are you leaning towards?


Most likely MIT. Had a really great chat with both the faculty and students there. Everything seems quite fit my personal pursuit.


sounds great. all the best!!


Is MIT offering you half-ride? half-tuition+half stipend?


75% tuition



B.Eng/ Keio University/ 2018

GPA 3.46 GRE  V151 Q163 TOEFL 109

Work Experience: part-time at Kengo Kuma office

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors (one from my academic advisor, one from a professor from University in UK), 1 architect from Japan

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: 

Statement / just wrote it honestly

portfolio / version)

Schools applied to:  Princeton, UC Berkeley, GSD, YSoA, GSAPP

In: GSD (MArch1 with scholarship), YSoA(MArch1, scholarship idk), UC Berkeley (MArch advanced standing)



Awaiting: Princeton, GSAPP

Open house impressions: 

Results: sweet torment... liked Princeton, YSoA and Berkeley, but GSD is also a great choice

Tips: just enjoy everything, and revise your statement at least 3 times and ask for a third opinion, ALWAYS. And differentiate your portfolio for all schools you're applying. Strategies for each schools should be different, and it worked out for me so far...

Mar 2, 19 2:52 am

Congrats on your results! I’m from Japan too, and I am considering gsapp or gsd for MArch2. Are you going to open house?


thanks! and Congrats to you too! Yes, I'm going to both of them!



BA in Urban Design and Architectural Studies/NYU/2019

3.46 - V:157 M:151  

Work Experience: Internships are architectural firms, interior design firms, and graphic design work

Letter of recommendations: two professors: one used to teach at RISD architecture and went to GSAPP (knows a lot of people there), other is a professor at UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture in London, and the last rec letter is from an previous employer

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

I don't have a link for my portfolio, but it features all my artistic work (painting, drawing, photography, poetry) and some architectural work. Had professors who work at a NYC firm review it. I come from a non-arch background (no studio experience and little proficiency in the programs) but in my architectural section of my portfolio I put hand drawings, some sketchup renditions, and hand made models. But it was primarily artistic work.

Statement of purpose was genuine, I received good feedback on it.

Schools applied to:


RISD (12K for the first year)

Tulane (unknown funding)

Pratt (60K for the three years, 20K per year)


Yale (expected) 

Awaiting: Columbia GSAPP and Parsons   

Results: I really don't know where to go! I have been living in NYC for the past 4 years and can leave if a school is better. I've been between RISD and Pratt at the moment and can't really find anywhere ranking or employment stats. I am going to visit and see how I feel in those environments but any tips or info on any of the schools would be appreciated!

Mar 2, 19 3:53 pm

Funny, I have fairly similar stats and some overlapping results. Also in at Pratt and rejected from Yale, but on the waiting list at RISD. Are you going to the Pratt accepted students day?


I'm from RISD undergrad, pretty much the same program as MArch, just longer. AMA.


TL44 I am going to the accepted students day, missing two classes for it lol.


klai.lynn really torn, I'm going to visit RISD and see if I feel like I would fit in


if you're coming you might just run into me. on the 4th floor of the BEB (our building)


Awesome! Is it true the graduate students take classes with undergrad?


yes except for core


ah okay ty


@natr as you should! Can't make it then but am trying to visit sooner.


@TL44 let me know what you end up doing program wise!



Undergraduate: B.S. Architectural Studies 

GPA: 3.74 GRE: V 155, Q 150, AWA 5

Letter of recommendations: 2 employers (both principal architects and faculty at university) 2 professors

Work Experience: 1.5 years at two architecture firms


Schools: M.Arch I

  • GSD - IN  w/ $$ 
  • MIT - 
  • GSAPP -
  • RISD - IN w/ $$
  • Parsons -
  • University of Washington -
  • University of Utah - IN w/ $$$$
Mar 2, 19 4:01 pm

29/Brazil/March. II

Bachelor Architecture and Urban design. 2013

GPA 7.5 / 10 - GRE Q150 V150 W3 - TOEFL 100 

Work Experience: 2 years in Brazil 3 years in Vietnam

Letter of recommendations: Two professors, one boss.

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

Extended version, the size and number of project changed according to the university. Would appreciate some comments = ) 

Schools applied to: GSAPP (AAD), PRINCETON (PP M.Arch), Bartlett (RIBA 2), Berlage Tu Delft (invited for interview).

Mar 3, 19 5:38 am

Beautiful portfolio!!


Thank you ! = )


You practiced in Vietnam? If I may ask, for which firm and which city in Vietnam? Last year I participated the Professional Residency in my school and I tried so hard to connect and work for a firm in Vietnam but I couldn't find any :/

Mar 3, 19 5:45 pm

Yeah, in fact i'm still here living in Saigon. i was working two years with landscape ( LJ-Asia), now im working as a collaborator for Tange architects, is pretty cool here man lots of stuff to do. I can help you if you need anything = )


OMG That's so cool. I looked at your portfolio too and I think it's outstanding. I hope we both will get in Princeton and things could really go far from there, career-wise.


Btw do you mind giving me your email address so we can stay connected?


Well, i hope so haha but as you said with my GRE scores it might be hard, my hope is my experience that i heard they take in consideration, still quite unlike, but fingers crossed haha.


24 / F / US

Undergraduate: BA in Psychology (First two years as an architecture major) / UF / 2016

GRA 3.9 GRE V 163 Q 154 AWA 4.0

Work Experience: Unrelated to architecture. Worked abroad for a year, worked at a startup for another. 

Letter of recommendations: 1 architecture professor, 1 other professor, 1 boss

Statement of Purpose / Portfolio link:

SOP: Explained why changed majors and why I wanted to come back. Why I liked the school and the program, named professors.


Schools applied to: UT Austin, UMN, UW Seattle, Rensselaer, NCSU, UF, all 3-year M.Arch

In: UT Austin (waiting on $$), UMN (waiting on $$) NCSU (14k a year, about half tuition for in-state), Rensselaer (waiting on $$)

Awaiting: UW Seattle, UF

Results: I'm leaning towards Minnesota. The other two programs I'm considering are UT Austin and UW Seattle. I'm not considering any of the others. I'm finding it more difficult to research Minnesota's program than the other two. If anyone familiar with the program could tell me a thing or two, I'd really appreciate it. 

Mar 3, 19 10:30 pm

23 / Jordan / MArch I

B.A. Architectural Studies / 2017 

GPA 3.85 GRE 157 Q 161 V 5.0 AWA TOEFL 118

Work Experience: ~1 year at an architecture/urban design firm

Letter of Recommendation: 2 professors, 1 employer/mentor from undergrad

Statement of Purpose / Portfolio link: Will upload portfolio soon

Schools applied to: Yale, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Berkeley, Columbia, UPenn


Berkeley, MArch I (no scholarship)

Yale, MArch I (scholarship info will be provided with official letter)

Harvard, MArch I (full tuition scholarship) 


MIT, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn

Mar 4, 19 4:18 am

Wow how did you managed to get full tuition from GSD? Any tips? Coz I got in but they didn’t even offer one penny...quite upset


you have to be good. if you aren't a top admit you aren't getting merit based $$$


But from my understanding GSD only offers need-based financial aid


GSD does offer merit-based aid actually/that's what I've received. I'll get to posting my portfolio as soon as I can.



Berkeley, MArch I (no scholarship)

Yale, MArch I ($$$$)

Harvard, MArch I ($$$$) 

UPenn, MArch I (scholarship info on March 14)

GSAPP, MArch I (no scholarship)






any reply from MIT?


Nope, still haven't heard back.


any way youd still post your portfolio link? /where did you end up going?



B.Env/University of Melbourne/2019

82/100 - 152 V 159 Q  - 110+ (for Int'l students) 

Work Experience: 3 Months in an Indonesian Firm

Letter of recommendations: 3 Design Tutors who knows best about my works + 1 Employer

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: Will Upload 

Schools applied to: GSD, YALE, GSAPP, SCI-ARC, UCL, HKU

In: SCI-ARC(50% Discount)

Out: GSD M.arch1

Wait-list: Yale M.arch1 


Tips: can those who already got accepted into their top school let their less preferred school know that you are not going there anymore, we are anxious in the waiting list

Mar 4, 19 5:53 pm

27/Canada/M.Arch I

B.A. in ‘Urban Systems’/ McGill / 2015

3.91/4GRE V 162, Q 163, W 4.5

Work Experience: 3 years in non profit research/management position, independent public art contracts, some internships/small design experience 

Letter of recommendations: undergrad thesis supervisor, boss at work, successful artist/collaborator on several projects. Also included a fourth letter of supervisor of a RA position at university 

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: can share more info if someone is interested. Portfolio consisted of personal projects, large scale murals, sculptures, paintings and drawings  

Schools applied to: MIT, Pratt, Berkeley, GSD, Tulane, GSAPP


Tulane, 38k/year

Berkeley, financial aid info to come 

Pratt, 20k/year

Wait-list: GSD 

Awaiting: GSAPP, MIT

Open house impressions: Will attend Tulane and any other east coast...

Would love to speak with anyone who has recent experience at Tulane/general thoughts on the program 

Mar 4, 19 10:05 pm

Hey! Also got into Tulane, would love to hear more about the program from people on here as well.


Also got into Tulane and Pratt. My spring break is during the open house but I'll be going to the Pratt one on the 28th!


Just received acceptance from GSAPP M.Arch with no scholarship. I’ll attend the open house since I’ll be in town anyways but no way will I doing that with no aid.


Also in at Tulane see y'all at open house ! I received 10k$ in funding and planning to outright ask for more when I visit. Has anyone had any luck with receiving more than their first offer?


anyone know when usc and gsapp will get back to us?

Mar 5, 19 9:38 am

I am also anxiously waiting for USC, last year they released it on March 1st, 2nd


sometime in March


Just heard back today! In the advanced MArch I with a good scholarship!




i got the email today too. but it only states the degree as - Architecture, (american architecture and urbanism), M.Arch. I'm confused as to which one would that be? and no scholarship yet!


Interesting. Mine says master of architecture, first professional degree with advanced standing. They mentioned money at the bottom of the letter! Maybe reach out to them to clarify.


Yeah just did that. In the letter it says that i am "eligible for Fall 2019 that would lead to a Master of Architecture degree" just this! strange ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


yeah, long letter with the scholarship amount on the penultimate paragraph.


what is the scholarship amount offered by USC?


^^If y'all wanna submit your results/stalk it until you're an anxious mess of a human

Mar 5, 19 4:58 pm

I’ve been refreshing the grad cafe page and 2 archinect threads every 2 seconds for a week now. The struggle is real


Lol...same here


22 / Intl. / M.Arch I

B.A. Architecture / 2018

GPA 3.89 (High Honors) - GRE V 157 Q 164, W 4.5  - TOEFL (waived, undergrad in US)

Work Experience: Internship (3 months), Full time (almost a year now)

Letter of recommendations: 3 former professors


Harvard GSD

Berkeley (2-year advanced standing)

USC (2-year advanced standing with $$$)

UCLA (with $$)


Awaiting: U-Penn, GSAPP

Results: undecided yet

Mar 6, 19 12:10 am

23/Domestic/M.Arch I

BA Architecture/ Liberal Arts/ 2018 

3.8/4.0 (Honors)GRE V 155 M 156 W 5.0 - TOEFL N/A

Work Experience: Unrelated to architecture

Letter of recommendations: 3 Professors, 1 Architecture Studio, 1 Landscape Studio, 1 Music

Schools applied to: MIT, Yale, WUSTL, U Michigan, UT Austin, UVA


WUSTL, with $$

U Michigan, with $$

UT Austin, with $$

UVA, with $



Awaiting: MIT (probably rejected)

Open house impressions: Will attend UVA, but WUSTL, U Michigan, and UT Austin are all on the same weekend. Does anyone have any opinions as to which I should choose to go to?

Results: undecided... if anyone can offer advice/general thoughts on these programs?


Portfolio: Definitely also have people outside the discipline look through. They're often cognizant of the little things that make your portfolio more cohesive.

Personal Statement: Comb through the websites and look at publishings, blogs, and news to really tailor how your interests fit into each school. 

Mar 6, 19 2:57 am

Hey congrats on your admits! How/when
did you hear about funding from UT?


Thanks! They emailed me yesterday with info about the fellowship package. I haven't received an official aid package yet, and I think that'll come in the first week of April? My friend who goes to UT said that scholarship info is usually emailed about a week after acceptances, so they'll probably email you soon if you're waiting to hear back!


no reply yet from MIT?


Noooooope. Are you also waiting to hear back?


not yet! i applied to SMArchS AD, but i know others who got their acceptances ! so i’m not expecting good news anymore !


Has anyone heard about merit scholarships from YSOA yet? 

Mar 6, 19 12:11 pm

when will GSAPP get back ahhh :)

Mar 6, 19 2:48 pm

Still impatiently waiting for GSAPP and UCLA...GSAPP was right around this time last year but UCLA seems " late", based on last year. Base on the UPenn email, seems like this year had a high number of applicants (or maybe they always say that...)


haha they may always say that. Hopefully we hear back from Columbia soon :)


28/US/applied for M.Arch 1

BS in TV and Film/SDSU/2012 

GPA - 3.3/GRE  - 149,156,4

Work Experience: none

Letter of recommendations: My 3 Professors from LAIAD

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: I haven't posted it anywhere yet, but I have a few pictures of my work from LAIAD that went into my portfolio on my instagram @drewbaru90

Schools applied to: UCLA, USC, UCB, SCI-Arc, Woodbury

In: UCLA, USC w/ scholarship, UCB w/ scholarship, Woodbury w/ scholarship 

Awaiting: SCI-Arc

Open house impressions: I've toured USC, Woodbury and SCI-Arc, all have good facilities, SCI-Arc has a very small, cramped and loud campus, not sure if I could work well in that environment

Results: Not sure yet, for me it's between UCLA and UCB

Mar 6, 19 3:57 pm

I just got accepted to SCI-Arc as well, but not sure if I've received financial aid or not, does anyone know if they post it on the site or if they email it separately?


25 / USA / M.Arch 1

B.A. New Media w/ Intro to Arch at GSAPP

3.67 / 163 V / Mystery Q / 4.5 W

Work Experience: Mostly archival (fine art, architecture), teaching assistant for two courses in undergrad, administrative work.

Letter of recommendations: Professor I TA'd for in undergrad, professor from Intro at GSAPP, former president of a relatively well-known architecture non-profit.

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: I researched each program and talked about what interested me in relation to my background. Tried to give the schools an idea of my interests and values. Kept the portfolio simple and relatively short.

Schools applied to: Rice, GSAPP, SCI-Arc, Tulane

In: Tulane w/ $$$

Rice - Full scholarship (!!) w/ 2k stipend for assisting w research for the first 2 years

SCI-Arc - No notification yet, but my status on the website updated to accepted

Awaiting: GSAPP

Results: I'm still waiting on financial aid info (and a formal acceptance) from SCI-Arc and an update from GSAPP, but I will most likely go with Rice because I'm very happy with what I know about their program. I also decided early on in this process to go with whichever school provided the best situation for me financially, as I like all of the programs for different reasons.

Mar 6, 19 9:17 pm

Update: In at GSAPP w/ $$$


Curious what is your scholarship breakdown? I got into dual-degree program w/ nothing for either.


Not enough to make it affordable. Wanted to add some tips for future applicants - the thing that helped me the most was making a spreadsheet of schools I was considering applying to. This was essential for keeping track of when applications opened, deadlines, pre-reqs, what I liked about each program, etc. If you know any design professionals ask them to look over your portfolio and redo it until they say that it looks good. Send your SOP to your more academically inclined friends for revisions. At the same time, use your own voice, and be honest about what appeals to you about each program. Make sure to start on all of that stuff early. Don't stress about the GRE. Also, the schools that seemed like long-shots were the ones that gave me the most aid. Don't sell yourself short. I would still say to apply to a range of schools that you would be happy to attend, and to lurk Archinect to see what programs are known for giving scholarships. I'm happy with my results, but realized that I could have applied to a few more top schools.


Are you choosing Rice?


Not sure yet. I think it's really solid, maybe more solid than GSAPP, but I love the work out of GSAPP. Not sure if that justifies how crazy expensive GSAPP would be though


How did you earn assistantship? Did you contact professors individually before acceptance?


23 / Malaysian / M Arch 1

B.A. Architectural Studies / 2018 

GPA 3.75 GRE 159 V 157 Q 4.5 AWA TOEFL Waived

Work Experience: 1 summer internship at an architecture firm, GSD's Career (Design) Discovery in 2016 

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors, 1 employer from undergrad

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: Will upload portfolio soon

Schools applied to: GSD, YSoA, MIT, PennDesign, GSAPP, SCI-Arc, UVA


GSD, $10k/year

SCI-Arc, 50% scholarship

PennDesign, financial aid details tbd

UVA, Path 2.5, $5k/year

Out: YSoA

Awaiting: MIT, GSAPP

Mar 7, 19 2:10 am

Congratulations! Did you also apply for AP for the gsd? Since you had architectural background..


Thank you! No, I didn't apply for AP because I didn't have the more technical pre-reqs


how did you find out about the Sci-Arc acceptance? We've been seeing the status changed on the website, but no official notification.


Hey Hydro, I got a call in late Feb!


any reply from mit?


Hey ahmadb, I just got a reply. Issa no for me.


Has anyone heard from Princeton so far?

Mar 7, 19 12:11 pm

Got the call yesterday


congratulations! :) Which program?


Thanks! M.Arch II


Has anybody heard back from M.Arch I?


26/Tunisia/M.Arch I Advanced Placement

5 years National Architecture Degree / University of Carthage/ 2018

GRE: V152-Q159-W3.0  - TOEFL 94

Work Experience: Full time Internships: 6 months in France, 9 months in Tunisia + 4 Summer Internships one of which in Lebanon

Letter of recommendations: 1 Professor and thesis advisor, 1 Professor and internship supervisor, 1 Professor 

Statement of Purpose: Talked about my background, why I chose Architecture, my professional experience and what I was looking for in the specific program. 500-1000 words depending on the school

Portfolio: Don't have a link yet. 

Projects: Thesis, 2 Academic, 2 Professional, 1 Experimental

Schools applied to:


IIT M.Arch 2 years. 14k College of Architecture Master’s Scholarship  + still waiting for the merit scholarchip + Eligible for TA 

UVA Path2 (Still waiting on $$)

Virginia Tech MArch 2 years WAAC (Still waiting on $$)

Out: UT Austin 

Awaiting: Pratt, USC. I'm pretty sure it won't happen, they already sent out acceptance letters. Wait list maybe??

Open house impressions: Can't go to any, US is 10+hours flight from home. Attended UVA's online info session, very informative, you get more connected to a school when you get information other than what you find on the website

Results: I am leaning more towards UVA but it will come down to which program I can afford. Aloe Blacc's song "I need a dollar" explaines pretty much my situation. 

If anyone is kind enough to share some tips or scholarships given to International students I would forever be grateful. I will also share what I find, I know how hard it is to make this dream come true.

Mar 8, 19 8:45 am

Update: USC Out and Pratt Waitlisted!!

UVA No $ (it sucks), Virginia Tech (assistantship position offered)


Anyone else in USC MArch 1 advanced standing and considering going?

Mar 9, 19 1:48 am

I am, but its gonna be a shitload of debt. I am just considering other options but i really want to go to USC. Are you going?


Did you acceptance letter indicate you’re in with advanced standing? I saw on their website you do a course by course review with them over the summer.


Yes the letter did indicate so. I have an undergrad degree in environmental design. Also I am highly considering going there.


So far, USC is my top choice. Just want to know if I can talk my way into the advanced track, or even a 2.5 yr plan, as I have an B.A. in arch and arch experiences.


I am in touch with program directors and they don't seem to offer advanced standing to 3 year candidates. Try your luck!!


- 24/M/USA

 - 4 Year B.S. in Architecture / Temple University / 2017 

3.3 Undergrad GPA / 154V / 145Q 

Letter of recommendations - (2) Temple U Studio Professors; one being an MIT grad and the other being one whom I learned a lot from and worked on extra-curricular projects with. (1) project collaborator from pro-bono work; alumni of Pratt.

Work Experience: 2-years experience in a Brooklyn office that does mainly residential work and flood resilience/housing recovery work. 

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Have generic one drafted; still working on certain school-specific essays.

- Portfolio:

Schools/Programs Applied To:  
Pratt - M.Arch w/ no advanced standing. $60k scholarship overall ($20k per year). Apparently wasn't given advanced standing cause I only had 1 structures class in undergrad :(. I have requested reconsideration w/ administration.

Syracuse - 2 years (advanced standing) &  Full 1st Year Tuition Scholarship, eligible for TAs, additional fellowship

IIT -  2 years (advanced standing) 14k College of Architecture Master’s Scholarship  + still waiting for the merit scholarship + Eligible for TA (same as previous applicant above somewhere)

GSAPP (dual-degree) - accepted into MSRED w/ no scholarship, M.Arch still pending

OUT: GSD - at least I tried. 

Open house impressions: Haven't made it to any so far. Had an informal tour of GSAPP from a current student who provided insight on the logistics and mindset of going there; seems like you pay a lot for networking opportunities and to get a potential in with big name firms if you apply yourself. 

RESULTS: Mainly weighing decision between either Syracuse M.Arch or GSAPP MSRED (dual w/ M.Arch if I'm accepted). 

Syracuse is very convincing w/ aid package as well as one professor whose work I'm interested in and would probably enjoy working for. Only thing is Syracuse is mad far from things I care about (family, an engaging urban environment, less frigid weather).

GSAPP M.Arch+MSRED was my top choice at the beginning of application process and remains so. If I don't get into M.Arch it will be a tough pill to swallow & enter the MSRED with no aid, despite a likely increase in salary. If I do so I would likely apply to M.Arch programs again in the future after working in development for some time.

I feel pretty shafted by Pratt with no advanced standing. It was my most convenient and reputable option, as I live rather nearby Pratt at the moment. 

At one point I was leaning towards IIT, but I must have seen an incorrect tuition figure, because their program costs about the same as Pratt. 

Mar 9, 19 12:54 pm

Response from GSAPP: accepted into M.Arch + MSRED w/ 0 scholarship for both. Very bittersweet feeling.



Undergraduate degree B.Arch Tamkang University, Taiwan(5 years)

GPA 3.13 

IELTS overall 7 


Letter of recommendations Assistant Professor , Thesis Instructor


Any comments & suggestions is welcome, I have to bring it to attend the Bartlett's face-to-face interview. And I have plenty of time to make it better.

Schools applied to IoA Vienna / SAC German / ITECH / ETH MAS / KADK CITA / The Bartlett Part2 / RCA 

In IoA Vienna- Studio Greg Lynn / SAC 


Awaiting  ITECH / ETH MAS / KADK CITA / The Bartlett Part2 / RCA 

(would have an interview with the Bartlett in the end of April)

Results not sure, maybe choose among IoA, the Bartlett and KADK CITA if everything goes well, any advice? I would like to study digital fabrication and coding in my next master study but still accept "normal" architecture design works. 

And does anyone applies to the programs outside the states? 

Mar 9, 19 2:38 pm

did u get an e-mail from ITECH about your application status? I am still waiting.


No, I didn’t. But I know two of my friends got their interview invitation via mails about two weeks ago.


thanks, I wish u the best.


I applied to KADK, TU Delft, and Polimi. Have you heard from KADK?


yes, I've heard from KADK, but its CITA studio. For the others, maybe it will sent out their offers recently.


I applied to the Urbanism and Societal Change studio. I'm expecting a no, mainly because I did not submit a portfolio that was heavy on Urbanism, it was more of an architecture heavy portfolio . Tomorrow is the last day for them to respond. I'm expecting them to push out all the no offers tomorrow.


I have been admitted to the MS in Architecture Design | Energy | Futures programme at Syracuse University, was wondering if someone has been admitted to the same course? Just wanted to understand the feedback of a graduate programme like this and general alumnus feedback if any.

Mar 10, 19 1:44 pm

hey, I've got into this.. and frankly even i'm trying to get more information on this..


Hey, I've also got into this program, and frankly I was hoping to get more information on this.. I have even mailed them a couple of times asking for clear information, but alas, they were vague, over and over..


Did anyone get the official e-mail from Yale? Its been 2 weeks and no info about financial aid...

Mar 11, 19 10:47 am

I got mine, but I'm in for MED -- we got our acceptance really early on since it's a tiny program/fewer applicants to process.

If you're within the US, it'll likely be a physical letter package, be on the lookout for something in your mail.


thanks for the reply. just received the e-mail from financial aid office with a generous offer :)


International applicant - M.Arch II

GPA 3.5 GRE 158 V 169 Q 3.5 AWA TOEFL 114

Portfolio is the only important part of your application.  

Schools applied to: Yale SoA, MIT, PennDesign, UCLA, SCI-Arc, GSD


Yale SoA, $$$$

SCI-Arc, half tuition



Awaiting: MIT, Penn, UCLA

Results: Yale and GSD were my No. 1-2 choices so it will be an easy decision for me.

Mar 11, 19 5:57 pm

Acceptance update:

UCLA - M.Arch II Suprastudio - Entertainment Studio 

PennDesign - M.S AAD 

still waiting for MIT though... 


no reply from MIT?


nope still waiting. anticipating a rejection


both UCLA and Penn offered 20k btw if anyone interested. do not believe myths about schools not offering aid for international students.


which MIT program did you apply to? I’m also still waiting but I know several who received their acceptances so i’m anticipating a rejection too


i applied to SMarchS AD


Hey, what did you mean by 'both UCLA and Penn offered 20k btw if anyone interested'..?

jpeg dot jpeg


Undergraduate degree BFA graphic design, UGA

GPA 3.4 

GRE 167 v 157 q

Letter of recommendations Professor, Internship, Architecture Lobby friend


Schools applied to GSAPP (M.Arch and MS Urban Planning)

In GSAPP MS Urban Planning


Awaiting  GSAPP M.Arch

Does anyone know if GSAPP will let you pursue a dual degree with acceptance into only one program?

I've always loved the idea of city planning but from what I hear its a particularly frustrating/bureaucratic profession. I wonder if architecture firms hire planners for anything...

Mar 11, 19 8:52 pm

Their website says that you must be admitted to both programs to be considered for the dual degree.
From my experience, I haven’t met a single planner that didn’t work for a government bureau or local governing body. None of the firms I’ve worked at hired planners.


People have told me if you start in M.Arch you can apply to another program later. However, that might apply only to the MSRED program since it's shorter.


Bigger architecture firms do hire planners, and architecture background definitely helps with master planning projects that require input from both planners and architects.

jpeg dot jpeg

I'm waitlisted for Architecture but in for Urban Planning. The deadline for UP decisions is April 15, but I only find out if I can get off the waitlist on the 22. Ideally I'd like to double major, and not getting into the M.Arch program would throw a wrench in that. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to handle this?


I think you can start with the planning program and apply again this fall for M.Arch only? It's a dual degree program, so I imagine being there for one semester could "prove" yourself for that program. Plus you could get new recommendations from GSAPP faculty. And if you eventually get off the waitlist, then all is good.


Anyone confirmed for USC? When is the last date for application (no indication anywhere)? It only states that present financial documents before 15th march!

Still waiting on UC Berkeley to make a final decision

Mar 12, 19 2:00 am

I might go to USC! The application is rolling unless you applied for the priority deadline.


Yes my application is also open. I'm just gathering documents and arranging finances right now.


Haven't heard from Berkeley yet. I'm waiting for their decision but as an international student I have to submit financial documents to USC before 15th. Whats the last date to give promissory note for enrolling to USC? No info on the website as well as letter from grad office.


I don't know what the last date for enrolling is.. Where are you from?




I see people have heard back for MArch at GSAPP. Do you think it's a bad sign that I haven't heard anything yet..

Mar 12, 19 12:30 pm

I haven't heard either


So far only acceptances have been sent out :/


I haven't heard from gsapp or mit and i know they've sent out decisions... I'm assuming they're both rejections at this point lol

jpeg dot jpeg

I'm waitlisted for Architecture but in for Urban Planning.


25/M/International Applicant

Undergraduate degree 4 Years architectural design 

GPA 3.8

GRE 151v 156q 4.0AW (only took once) Toefl 107

Letter of recommendations 2 Profs (gsd alums), one former-employer from an international office

Portfolio Will probably upload soon..

Schools applied to GSD(m.arch I AP), MIT smarchs urbanism, GSAPP m.arch (hope for AP)

In GSD(AP with $), MIT (no funds), GSAPP (no fund and no AP)

Out -

MIT was my top choice until I got AP from the GSD... does anyone have any experience with the smarchs program? 

Mar 13, 19 1:06 am

take the $ in the AP program and do your electives at MIT. or get the GSD degree then one of MIT's specialized design degrees.


Thanks for the input. Do you think it's possible to negotiate the $ with MIT? Given that I've nothing to lose anyway...


for sure, especially if they can lure you from the gsd. or they may not like you that much, in which case...go to the gsd


Lol the only thing im interested in MIT program now is its course flexibility and resources, at least it feels like i could spend more time on other subjects than spending like more than 50% of my time with studio... But well damn gund hall seems nice


22/F/ International Applicant 

Undergraduate degree: Architecture Engineering 5 years 

GPA 3.4

GRE  162-165 

TOEFL 117/120 

Work Experience: 5 Internships 

Letter of recommendations: From program Chair, from a design professor, and from a business school professor that mentored me in competitions 

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: didn't upload yet

Schools applied to:

In: GSAPP AP (Dean's Scholarship!!!)

Out: GSD March II, Yale March  

Awaiting: MIT SmarchS

Results: I honestly did not expect to get accepted to GSAPP after I got rejected from both GSD and Yale! And WITH THE DEAN'S SCHOLARSHIP! ($$$) Although it wasn't my 1st choice I am still considering it.

Side note: can I ask for feedback from the universities I got rejected from or is that not a thing? I just want to know for future reference if I decide to re-apply. 


Mar 13, 19 2:18 am

Can you show us your portfolio!




24/M/International Applicant

Undergraduate degree: LAU /  B.Arch 2017

GPA: 3.59/4.00 (Distinction) - GRE: not required  - TOEFL: waived 

Work Experience: 4 Internships + 2 years work experience

Letter of recommendations: 3 Professors + 1 employer (company owner)

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: not uploaded yet

Schools applied to: MIT (SMArchS AD) - TU Delft (The Berlage) - UCL (Bartlett) - RCA - Goldsmith

In: RCA (Research Architecture) - Goldsmith (Forensic Architecture)

Out: -

Awaiting: MIT - TU Delft - UCL

Results: MIT SMArchS is my priority 

Results any time!! most probably tomorrow !

Mar 13, 19 7:12 am


Undergraduate degree: Graphic Design + Communications / UC Davis / 2018 

GPA: 3.63 / 4.00 GRE: 160 v 159 q 

Letter of recommendations: 2 from graphic design professors, 2 from professors from UC Berkeley Summer IN[ARCH] ADV program

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: still need to upload

Schools applied to: UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, GSAPP, GSD

In: UCLA ($$$$), UCB ($$$$), USC ($$), GSAPP (No funding), GSD ($$$)

Open house impressions: I'm planning on attending the UCLA, GSD, and UCB open houses, since those are the three that gave me the most money. Overall, I'm leaning towards GSD, because it works out to be only a little bit more overall (I have tuition covered for CA state schools but cost a living is a bit more), but I'm waiting for open houses to make a final decision. 


Be proactive about getting letters of rec, and make sure to ask more than just three people (or however many are required for the program), in case one forgets, or doesn't ever respond. Also, even if you think you don't have a shot, apply for that school that seems like a huge reach but is your dream school. It might suck if you're still rejected, but if you don't try you'll never know. And that's what backups are for :) When I submitted my apps for Columbia and Harvard, I legitimately said to myself, "There goes $90 I'll never see again." That isn't to say I didn't put effort into those applications, I just thought they weren't a possibility. Never been happier to be wrong. 

Mar 13, 19 8:46 pm

Great offers! Would really love to see your work. Congratulations for such incredible admits!


Firstly congratulations! Which program from UCLA though?

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