M.Arch Fall 2019 Decisions/Results


has anyone heard from UT about funding?

Mar 13, 19 10:26 pm

I still haven't, but I know at least one person on here heard a couple of weeks ago. Pretty annoying how long they wait.


Jk, I just got an email with a recruitment scholarship, but it is measly... plus they offered me non-resident tuition waivers even though I am a TX resident. Not super helpful.


Choice between USC and UCinci

USC (after scholarship $$) is costing me ~1.75x UCinci (after considering co-op $$)

I really like USC curriculum and want to work in a warmer place (i am too unmotivated in a gray, gloomy cold weather and have issues getting out of  cozy warmth of bed in cold). I am more inclined towards practical architecture (and environmentally sensitive design, which i plan to take electives on) and urbanism.

Considering UCinci would largely provide me opportunity to work on the eastern side, it'll be a long winter for me.

Regardless of weather, is the USC worth considering and taking a longer repayment time for the fee? How good does a USC graduate get paid in LA as compared to in the east?

Suggestions from experienced professionals would greatly help me in choosing between the two.

I'm also waiting on Berkeley MArch bit its highly unlikely I'm getting into. its been long since anyone has heard from them and will probably be hearing about denials. If in an ideal world i get into Berkeley, USC or Berkeley?

Mar 14, 19 3:39 am

I haven't heard from Berkeley either yet which can't be good lol but also was accepted to USC and Pratt with $$$! kind of in the same boat as you are right now.


I plan to go for the USC graduate day. I can let you know my impressions but I have heard that they have a strong alumni network as I have many friends from Orange County. I have heard that USC does a good job preparing students for work once they have graduated meaning that
employers are happy with USC graduates.


Got any bribery loot?


@kmatre i have very little hope from berkeley, although many are giving up on berkeley for GSD or Yale or so. So maybe, just MAYBE.


@nate sure! do let us know on this thread about USC after you visit. It'd be really helpful. Their alumni is known for being a very well connected one.


that is we know if they even sent any rejections yet? or just acceptances


I called them up a couple of days ago and they just said that they'll be sending the denials & acceptances over next 2 weeks. I am checking the gradcafe page too..but no updates on berkeley yet


this is torture!


they've dropped the bombs! out!



Unrelated/ NAU/ 2013 

GPA - GRE  - TOEFL (for Int'l students) 

Work Experience: Worked at the Contemporary Austin and attended Columbia Summer program 

Letter of recommendations: Columbia Professor/ Work related/ undergrad professor 

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: no link 

Schools applied to: Tulane/ UT/PSU

In: Tulane with only 10k 


Wait-list: UT 

Awaiting: PSU

Open house impressions: Will attend Tulane and UT open house 

Results: Top choice is UT as I live in Austin so fingers crossed 

Tips: No tips this entire process has been stressful 

Mar 14, 19 3:15 pm

25/M/M.Arch II

B.Arch 2016

3.4 / 170V 160Q

Work Experience: 3 years, big firm + 3 internships

LoR: 2 x Professors, 2 x Firm Principals

Applied: GSD, YSOA, Princeton (should have applied to MIT too)


GSD ($$)

YSOA (0)

Princeton ($$$)

Between Princeton and GSD. Going to hit the open houses. 

Tips: My mom made a very large donation to have my face photoshopped onto a photo of Patrik Schumacher's body

Mar 14, 19 3:40 pm

Hahahaha...I bet you would've been the top choice for SCI-Arc with the help of your mom's donation


Was it a nude photo?


pole vaulting over one of Zaha's concept model at the office


Perhaps pole dancing, as well?


26/F/USA/M.Arch 1

B.A Fine Arts/ 2014

GPA: ~3.76 GRE: V: Very Good, Q: Kind of Average 

Work Experience: Artist/User-Interface Designer

Letter of recommendations:  3 well-established artists

Schools applied to: GSD, GSAPP, Princeton, Yale, MIT, PennDesign (All M.Arch 1)

In: GSD ($$) Princeton ($$$) Yale ($$) MIT ($$) PennDesign ($$) 


Results: Leaning towards Princeton but still considering MIT and Yale. Planning on attending open houses to make final decision but Yale and MIT's open house's are the same day... 

Mar 16, 19 12:03 pm

Which program did you apply to at MIT?? and when did the results come out! I’m still waiting !


M.Arch I


oh okay congrats! I applied for the SMarchS but i’m


but i’m still waiting impatiently !


A kind request to all. Those who have been accepted into Berkeley (or any other for that matter) and don't plan on extending your confirmation, please reject the offer. Many are anxiously and impatiently waiting for these schools to send the lists with high hopes

Thanks :)

Mar 17, 19 3:09 am



Graduated: 2016

GPA 7.0

Work Experience: 2.5 Years : Studio Lotus, India

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors, 2 Employers

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link:

Schools applied to: Uni of Sydney, MSD, UNSW & RMIT ( All Australia)

Awaiting all

Results: (the school you plan to attend and why) I am more interested in Uni of Sydney. I would really love to know if I should apply to any other colleges. I preferred Australia as I have my cousins living there, easy for me to move & work full time. But surely Education is priority. Any suggestions is welcome.

Tips: My approach to portfolio was to keep it simple and show only the works I have done in a minimal way. This was a 5th attempt. Max pages were 15 A4 sheets. 

Keep it simple

Mar 17, 19 6:57 am

Did you apply on your own or through any agency?


relax.. the Australians literally accept anybody (never heard anybody got rejected)


Apparently, they are not taking international students particularly for MArch. It was weird when an agency told this fact!


Here it goes, for posterity-

24/ International/ M.Arch II

B.Arch/ 2017

Scores: 3.9 GPA | 160/160/4.0 GRE | 117 TOEFL

Letter of recommendations: 1 from dean, 1 from prof, 1 from employer

Work Experience: a few internships


GaTech M.Arch (2 year) 

Pratt M.S.Arch (1 year) $$$

UVA M. Arch Path 2 (2 year) $

Columbia GSAPP  MSAAD (1 year)

Open house impressions: Can’t visit the USofA, hoping to get some comments from the ones who make it there!

Results: Currently leaning toward GaTech, if they provide some $, but still seeking more details about the other ones. Columbia GSAPP would be amazing, but cash? Awaiting a few others- UCLA MArch II and UMich, which might be rejections since the acceptances were sent out already.

Tips: No cookie-cutting!

Would love some input on the relative merits of GSAPP vs Pratt vs GaTech vs UVA.

Mar 17, 19 3:46 pm

I loved GT also applied and got in with a big scholarship. I was really impressed with their student work and faculty when I was there and Atlanta is a great and cheap place to loce


To live. That said I didn’t pick GT because while the school sets you up with a great career in Atlanta it doesn’t set you up much outside of tha
t. Grads tend to stay local and Atlanta’s architecture tends to be very boring and uninspired.


I see. Where did you finally decide to go then?


I’m choosing between Columbia and Harvard


Wow! Do let me know what you feel about Columbia if you have visited it/will visit it. :)


22 / F /  Ivory Coast (West Africa) / M.Arch 1

B. Arch/ Tongji University, Shanghai/ 2018  AND B. Arch/ University of New South Wales, Sydney / 2018 

(I am a double bachelor degree student :) 4 years, 2 years in each country !)

87.4/100 (3.3 gpa ?) - GRE (So average that I'm ashamed to post it lol) - TOEFL : waived

Work Experience: Several internships since 1st year undergrad + 1 year (currently) in my home country :)

Letter of recommendations: 1 employer (Yale alumni) + 2 professors

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: I will upload the portfolio later :)

Schools applied to: UCBerkeley, UMichigan, PennDesign, Columbia GSAPP

In: UMich M.Arch 2-year (no funding)

GSAPP M.Arch 1 with $$ !

Out: none

Wait-list: PennDesign (they are cancelled anyway lol)

Awaiting: UC Berkeley 

Open house impressions: I live way too far to be able to attend any! But will attend GSAPP online info session lol

Results: I am definetely going to attend GSAPP because it was just a dream come true lol. I honestly never thought I would get in so I had all my hopes on Berkeley and Michigan (I love UMich facilities) but I am soo glad I tried ! With the scholarship it is even cheaper than U Michigan and  even if Berkeley accepts/waitlist me at this point, I think GSAPP program is way more interesting for my professional aspirations. 

Penn was just a backup honestly..

Tips: Be true to yourself and your style in your portfolio ! But mostly have clear intentions set out in your statement of purpose and make sure your portfolio projects' highlights/support your statement of purpose !!! I think my very international profile is what made me stand out since I had projects from 3 different continents and various perspectives on architecture ! :)

oh yeah and GRE is really not important..

Mar 18, 19 5:34 am

Now that it's all over:

21/M/USA/M.Arch I

B.A. Architectural Studies (Expected 2019)

GPA: 3.84 

GRE: V: 159, Q: 159, A: 5.0

Work Experience: Intern at an architecture firm (Jan-May 2019)

LOR:  3x Professors (1 Cornell PhD, 1 GSD alum, 1 former GSAPP professor)

Schools applied to: GSD, Cornell, MIT, Princeton, YSoA, GSAPP

In: Cornell ($$$$), GSAPP (0).

Out:   GSD, YSoA, Princeton, MIT

Results: More of a default, but not a bad default at all. Cornell offered me way more money than I thought possible, especially as someone going straight from undergrad. I don't think GSAPP is worth the $300k debt (IMO). Not sure if I will enroll or take a gap year, will probably decide after I visit Cornell. 

Mar 18, 19 5:58 pm

22 / USA F / MArch I

B.A. Architecture / Clemson / 2018

GPA: 3.7 GRE: v-158 q-152 aw-4.5

Work Experience: 1 year gap working in NYC for healthcare architecture firm

Letter of recommendations: Clemson profs (1 MIT grad, 3 Columbia grads), Columbia prof from GSAPP summer studio (intro)

Statement of Purpose/ Portfolio link: request if interested

Schools applied to:


Pratt 2 year track w/ $30k total

University of Miami 2 year track w/ $43k total

USC 3 year track w/ $60k total. 





GSAPP 3 year MArch

Open house impressions/Results: really liked UM's new arch facility. teachers are great and Rodolphe el-Khoury is someone I would like to learn from. Coral gables is also pretty

Still have to visit Pratt but the connections in New York are strong as well as the staff. Also the cheaper option 

USC is out because too far away and too much $$$. plus the admissions scandal has me turned-off-ish


will need to wait another month to hear from Columbia- so I guess that leaves me with UM or Pratt for now

Mar 20, 19 9:32 am

16/M/USA/MArch I

Bachelor of Design in Architecture/ Univ. of Minnesota/ 2015

GPA 3.6 - GRE 160/160/4

Work Experience: Couple years at a small residential firm, couple years at a medium sized commercial firm

Letter of recommendations: Couple professors, old boss, etc.

Portfolio link: I'll send it to your if you're interested. Feels a bit odd to just post it online.


University of Oregon, 2 year program, full tuition

University of Illinois Chicago, 1/2 off tuition

Pratt, 1/3 off tuition

U Penn, 15 k per year



UC Berkeley


Awaiting: none

Open house impressions: Plan on going to UIC's and visit UO soon.

Results: Debating between UO and UIC. UO is free but UIC and its program/faculty feel a lot more exciting and in line with what I'm interested in. Feeling torn! Would love to go to UPenn but can't stomach that kinda debt.

Tips: Like everyone else says, start early - particularly with researching schools and their program/faculty. Apply to schools where you actually would like to live. And don't rule out schools that aren't ivy league!

Mar 20, 19 5:22 pm

woops I am 26 not 16.


With a free ride, take oregon


21 / USA M  / MArch I

Undergraduate: BA Architecture / Clemson University / May 2019 

GPA 3.75 GRE  154 v 156 q 4.0 aw

Work Experience: 3 months at 2Portzamparc in Paris office, 4 months part-time while at school and 4 months full-time in architecture firm in my hometown. 

Letter of recommendations: 4 for Columbia, 3 for Michigan. 2 architecture professors who know me very well, one of which is an ivy alumnus, boss from Paris firm, and boss from hometown firm.

Portfolio: 3 studio projects, 1 competition, lots of white space, collages, represented projects as a critique of my own work from a third person/entity perspective 

Schools applied to:

  • University of Michigan (Accepted 3/4/19 w/ $90,000 total)
  • Columbia GSAPP  (Waitlisted 3/15/19)

Open house impressions: plan on attending Michigan’s preview weekend, scheduled meetings with profs I’m interested in working with

Results: No way I’m going to GSAPP if I get in with no aid… thats ridiculous. I’m still on the edge whether I should just take Michigan’s offer or if I should wait and apply again to more schools next year, I feel like I may have rushed everything last year. I’m quite drawn to the work, faculty, and plurality of school direction/voices at the GSD and the AA, would re-apply to those schools if I had to do it again. Could use some advice on decisions…

Tips: start early, make sure to get your statement looked at by several people, stay focused.

Mar 20, 19 10:03 pm

Is anyone still waiting to hear back from Rice?

Mar 21, 19 9:50 pm

23M/USA/MArch 1

BFA Arch. Design/Parsons/2019

GPA: 3.9 - GRE 160Q/155V/4.5AW

Work Experience: 

3.5 years (gap year and summers) with 2 small high end residential firms in NYC and CT, traditional/classical homes and pre-war apartment renovations

Wood/Metal Shop Student Tech. @ Parsons

Previous experience working for a contractor throughout high school, 4 summers of residential construction experience

Letter of recommendations: 

Pool of 5 studio critics & program director @ Parsons, all alumni/former faculty members of schools applied to 

Schools applied to:


     Cornell (AP - 2.5yr) - $14k/yr 

     UPenn (3yr) - $10k/yr

     UMich (2yr) - $25k/yr





     GSAPP (not interested)

Open house impressions: (will update after visits in April)

Results: TBD


Let your portfolio show who you are, do not adjust your work to “fit in” with a particular school; my portfolio was plain, simple, and straight forward, I let the work speak for itself without distracting layout designs

Get on your rec’s early, professor’s do not mind you nagging them, they are just as busy as you are and the reminders/updates help keep on top of things

Don’t get consumed by stress, this process made me very unhealthy, trust yourself and your abilities, the schools know who they want so present the work to the best of your ability, stay organized and on schedule and don’t look back; put your app materials on a flash drive and do not review them once apps are submitted, the 3 month would have felt a hell of a lot shorter if I did

Mar 23, 19 12:41 pm


B.Arch Tongji University (expect to graduate at June)

4.25/5 GPA - V152/Q167/3.0 (for Int'l students) 

Work Experience: 4-month internship at a digital fabrication company

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors, 1 lecturer

Statement of Purpose: an articulated essay about'rationality'/ Portfolio: 2 projects of digital fabrication & another 2 of urban design

Schools applied to:


Cornell M.S.AAD($14,000)


UCLA M.Arch Ⅱ Suprastudio 

UMich M.Arch 2-year




Yale M.Arch Ⅱ

Rice M.Arch Option-2


Cooper Union M.Arch Ⅱ


I think I will go to Cornell but would definitely listen to some of the advice here... I think Cooper interests me for its location and faculty and I may have a good chance to get in from waitlist, but the fact that their program is not STEM designated is a real concern for international student like me...

Mar 23, 19 2:33 pm

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