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I have been accepted at the AA school of Architecture for the MArch. housing and urbanism course, and also accepted at IAAC for the Masters in City and Technology course.

I am extremely confused about the decision to be made between the two colleges. I am eligible for a scholarship at AA so the tuition for both is similar for me and hence not a criteria. 

I would love to hear from all of you regarding your thoughts on these colleges and the pros and the cons

Feb 22, 19 8:20 pm

What do you want to do after the course? Where do you want to live? 

Feb 25, 19 4:03 am

Two different countries. Two different majors.

We can't read your mind bud. Tell us what you want to do and where you want to practice. What are YOUR current pros and cons for these paths?

Don't expect US to do YOUR research for you... research YOU should have done BEFORE applying.

Feb 25, 19 4:16 am

Do both, flights between Barcelona and London are very cheap these days and you can save rent money by sleeping at the airport, it will basically pay for itself!

Feb 25, 19 7:02 am

You should go for Barcelona as its less expensive. Moreover pupils while studying get maximum career opportunities. Barcelona serves as a leading position in the formulation of modern theories of town planning, including pioneering projects which include recently implemented  Superblock plan on mobility redistribution proposed by urbanist and ecologist Salvador Rueda. 

Feb 26, 19 11:40 pm

Generally, agree - would like to hear from @maitreykute on what he/she plans post studies -


Thank you for your insight!


I apologize for a loose ended question.
To give you an background I graduated as an architect from India, and have been working for the past couple of years.
Both my parents are Architects and have their own firm for the past 28 years. They majorly work in Residential and Landscape architecture. After a few years of work experience I would like to re-locate to India and take ahead their practice.

I chose to pursue my master's in the two fields for the following reasons:

1. I wanted to pursue something in-line with Urban Design, as India is going through major change in terms of urban development,future of housing, mobility and technology and will provide opportunities for urban designers.

2. The Housing and Urbanism at AA, provides a legacy and according to my professors, also great amount of exposure due to their strong alumni and renowned faculty. But i heard that AA is going through some administrative re-shuffling and I do not know how much it has affected the course modules and structure. I have had 2 seniors who completed the same course and they really were happy with the course. With the changes that India is going through the current need for housing and its blend with Urban design would help.

3. On the other hand The masters in City and Technology at IAAC, provides a course unique to the institute and focuses a lot on the technology that should be used to enable to design future cities The course structure looks promising and also seems to be useful with the kind of smart city projects that are coming up in India. The apprehension that I have about the course and college is that it is relatively new and is just in it's 5th edition and is kind of an unexplored territory for me. Spanish again is a barrier for local living.

Hence your views on the two colleges and current status will help me take a more informed decision.

Feb 27, 19 5:37 am

Perhaps the AA is better suited then and is more global in its approach.  The programme often goes to a developing community or place and works with directly with communities (Such as Brazil) - partly this is from Jorge Fior who was faculty at Development Urban Practice at UCL.  

Mar 1, 19 8:21 am

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