Practicing architecture with a pseudonym

I was wondering if any professional architects today do this, it’s common with actors and authors and other creative fields.

I’ll be licensed soon, and I want to launch my career on the right foot. My name isn’t a great name for an architect brand. However, the name I was born with (it changed later when my mother remarried) is much better and I’d like to use it instead.

I’d also like to keep my professional and personal lives separate this way, in the age of privacy invasion.

Is this possible to do without legally changing it? Can you register a nom de plum on an architect’s stamp?
Jan 21, 19 1:08 pm
Non Sequitur

Your stamp is going to be linked to your legal name for all the obvious reasons... but depending on location, you may be able to call your firm whatever you want (within reason... using something like "super-wicked-awesome-architects" is not ok where I am).  

Holding a license and practicing under it means that you must be publicly accountable. That the catch with the whole self-regulating deal.

Jan 21, 19 1:17 pm

the architect formally known as kind_stranger. Has a nice ring to it

Jan 21, 19 1:19 pm

It can't be worse than Dick Busch Architects.


Even the logo is cringe-worthy.

Jan 21, 19 3:06 pm
Non Sequitur

Classic. I bring this site up whenever there is a discussion on graphics in our office.


If a pseudonym was ever appropriate...


Dennis Naylor ? This is a joke site right?

Non Sequitur

Nope, it's totally legit.


Well.... you could have a look at the firm's logo.


'Charles-Édouard Jeanneret' is available.

Jan 21, 19 3:25 pm

Lance Manyon, AIA is taken.

Jan 21, 19 4:23 pm

David Curtis, AIA is not

Non Sequitur

I wonder if DC is still alive?


Yeah, he's still rambling on the twitters


These vile insults will not go unnoticed on the twitters, we can be sure.


You just need a post apocalyptic nickname that you insist everyone calls you by. 

Me? They call me "The Hammer" because every problem is a nail to me. One day I hope to be just like my boss "The Wrecking Ball", and one day like his boss "Attrition Warfare". 

Jan 22, 19 9:57 am

You're licensed and you're seriously wondering if you can practice under an alias?  This can't be a serious question.

Jan 22, 19 10:20 am
Non Sequitur

"will be licensed soon"


I thought you are Canadian?


Used quotations my bad... licence is Canadian
Non Sequitur

Not about me, I was just quoting the OP’s claim.


pseudonyms are for the internet. 

Jan 22, 19 6:36 pm
( o Y o )

V.I. Field AIA

Jan 22, 19 7:03 pm

that's a great one.

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