Could use some career advice.


Hi all,

I graduated from Architecture school with a masters back in 2013.

I worked for one firm before a building slowdown in our area meant I was hit with some layoffs. I was able to work for a design build firm for 2 years but with no licensed architect on staff, could gain no hours. 

It was a great experience but ultimately a bit of a set back as I was not able to progress on needed hours. 

Life situations have caused me to move an area that is rural to help take care of my parents. There is, at this point, one licensed architect in the area and he has no need of help in his office unless I'm will to work as a drafter for 15 dollars an hour. He also made it clear when I reached out to him that he doesn't "want to mentor or cause extra work for himself" by going through the NCARB process.  This was super deflating.

So what do I do? For the foreseeable future, I need to be here.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Does anyone have any experience on marketing themselves as a solo Architectural Designer for home improvements and the like? I'm kinda floundering.

Jan 8, 19 4:15 pm

I drive 65 miles each way to work because I'm from a rural area.  There used to be firms in the area.  They closed the offices.  

Do what you have to do to make it work.  

Home design in a rural area isn't going to pay off without having another job to provide steady income.  People aren't going to want to pay for a complete design.  You're looking at less than $1k fee per project, most likely.  Being a small area, there aren't going to be that many people needing your services.  

Have you looked into logging the other hours as other work settings? 

Jan 8, 19 4:31 pm

No could you explain how that would work? The logging the others as other work settings?

Jan 8, 19 4:38 pm

You can get some of your time at the construction firm credited as AXP hours in Experience Setting O.

Jan 8, 19 4:50 pm

Pursue a career as a licensed home help aid for now. they make more money probably anyways. with all the home help aid experience then pursue an architecture career in healthcare

Jan 9, 19 12:54 pm

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