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Hey Everyone,

I'm 27 years old and graduated with my B.Arch in May 2014. I started working full time at the firm i interned for in June 2014. After working there for 3 years full time I felt stagnant and felt like i wasn't learning anything so I changed firms in November 2017. When I changed firms I also received almost a 20% increase in my salary. So now I have been at my current job for a little over 14 months and still have not had a review or raise since i started. I received a bonus in December but they did not mention anything about a review or raise. My question for you is do your firms typically give you a raise yearly and do they do end of the year reviews?  I like my current firm & bosses, and I'm learning a lot but just feel a little discouraged that they haven't mentioned anything. I'm one exam away from being licensed so that has been my main focus, but can't help to feel a little annoyed that I have not received a raise or review.

Jan 7, 19 7:01 pm
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We all get yearly reviews (everyone from equity partners to junior staff) once a year, typically end of september.  Raises and increase in responsibilities (which leads to future raises) are discussed then.

I have colleagues in offices where there are no such discussions and it's up to the individual to take initiative and ask.  You might be in this category,

Jan 7, 19 7:30 pm

My last office there were no reviews and you had to ask for raises.  I would schedule a time once a year to grab lunch with my boss to check in and see how I was doing, how the firm was doing, where I was hoping to go with my career while I was there, and then broach the subject of a pay increase.

Jan 8, 19 4:01 pm

My "annual" reviews have always been 16-24 months apart. 

Jan 8, 19 4:32 pm

It sounds like your office does not have a set schedule for reviews of performance and salary adjustments.  In your case, I suggest completing the exams and then approaching your employer to get feedback and seek a raise.

At my last job, reviews were yearly, but done in the spring.  Salaries were also adjusted then.  Reviews could consume a lot of manager and employee time as well as be emotionally bruising, so it made sense not to do them during the holidays at the end of the year.  Bonuses, however, were handed out at end of year.

Jan 8, 19 4:45 pm

Completing your last exam and becoming licensed provides a natural opening to speak about upgrading your pay/responsibilities. I suggest you wait until then.

Jan 9, 19 4:14 am

In my 15yr experience at 7 different arch firms, most typically don't hand out annual raises unless the employee is doing significantly exceptional work or adding significant value to the company.

But like most have said, get the license then discuss your future not just a raise but the next 5 to 10yrs of your career. although getting the license you know as much the day you are license as you did before?

Jan 9, 19 1:00 pm

In some firms, having license will mean you can be billed at a higher rate and thus can be paid more.  Also, a bigger roster of licensed architects is a plus when a firm responds to RFQs.  I've seen many shortlists compiled solely on the basis of firm size; in other words, the five spots on the shortlist went to the five biggest firms.

Jan 9, 19 2:20 pm

We have scheduled reviews for the whole office twice a year, in March and September.  Everyone in the office receives a 10-15 minute review over the same two-day period.  We consider everyone for salary update annually.

Jan 9, 19 8:49 pm

That's how my old firm was, one review in December and one in June. In December we would get our raise, sometime a cost of living increase and sometimes more. Now that I'm realizing my current job doesn't do that, I'm starting to wonder how I can ever get ahead & grow in this firm. My current firm is a small high end residential firm with two partners and one other "junior architect" who has been with them for 10 years. I keep telling myself if my coworker has been with them for 10 years then they must do the right thing...


my annual reviews happen whenever they want to bitch me out and then give me no reason for a raise 

Jan 9, 19 9:22 pm

Which is about every 2-3 years

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