Funds for eco-building


If you have an eco-building in mind but lacks the funding where do get the finances? Are sites like Kickstarter could give us adequate funds? Are there organization that are willing to fund your project?

Jan 2, 19 10:01 am
Non Sequitur
  • Define eco-building
  • Provide description of project scope and location
  • Are you looking for an investor for a single-fam detached house or a multi-level sporting arena? Scale matters... as does any basic information.

I get it that millennials are dumb as doorknobs and like to fund kick-starter jokes, so maybe that'll work, but it's rather unlikely you'd ever get anything substantial from these wankers.  Finding a rich client with similar ethics is likely your only option.

Jan 2, 19 10:13 am

Keep your ageism out of this!

Non Sequitur

see exhibit A below:

Chad Miller

Hey now, I'm a millennial. At least I was last time I checked. The born on date keeps changing.

Non Sequitur

Same here Chad. I was once gen X back when all we had was gen X, but now I’m grouped in with the Mill crowd.


Luckily there's an even more annoying word for us now

Non Sequitur

Thanks Tduds. As annoying as it is to retrospectively create little boxes to organize things, their descriptors are rather well formulated. “ both a healthy portion of Gen X grunge cynicism, and a dash of the unbridled optimism of Millennials” only a dash but with excess of grunge is my jam.


$55,000 to make potato salad? why is Greta upset the world is ending?

Non Sequitur

Curt, maybe she missed the potato salad deadline and is upset she won't get a serving.


it needs to get out of your mind and become a real project with budgets, schedules, milestones, etc. to be funded. - or you can be like this guy, who says he is an architect, but is trying to fund a wall without plans, budgets, etc...

Jan 2, 19 11:31 am

The Nigerian Royal Family is usually interested in various investment opportunities. 

Jan 2, 19 2:49 pm

how did this go ?  Im looking to invest in eco building projects...

Jan 23, 20 12:42 pm
Chad Miller

Shut up Eleanor. Go back to Supertaco.

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