Which website builder to use

Hi Community,

I have launched my own 1-person, mostly single family residential firm and want to build a website to showcase my philosophy and projects.

Which website builder do you suggest I go with? I don't do code, so looking for something with an intuitive interface that has either lots of templates, or flexible templates.


Dec 28, 18 1:22 pm

also, if you've built a website, please share a link and tell me the builder software that you used! Thanks!

Dec 28, 18 1:23 pm

Wordpress would be my suggestion.
Simply to use with almost zero code skills for the beginning. Far as I am concerned go that way, use their servers and you only pay for your domain and it is rock solid and well supported.

Jan 15, 19 11:37 pm

My suggestion would be or Wordpress. Both have tons and tons of templates to start from if you prefer. Granted, my use of them wasn't for architectural design per-say but the same principles apply.

Wix has a great interface that is easy and intuitive to work with (think of drag and drop).  I made a very simple music site for my hobby band in 20 minutes without ever using the program before.

My wix example site:


My wordpress site for my freelance work in the entertainment industry:

This one is a little more complex and thought out but there are a lot of Wordpress sites that are very easy to work with.

Good luck!

Jan 18, 19 10:46 am

I've used Cargo for years. Geared towards creative folks.

Feb 8, 19 9:06 pm


I used wix for my design thesis portfolio, its easy to use, manage and share. and its free.

You can also have the visitor count based on Ip and all other good things..

Feb 10, 19 2:58 am

I use Portfoliobox, it's pretty good, though the free version only gives you 50 images. Paid version is about 6-8$ a month depending on the time interval you pay for. my website as an example

Feb 10, 19 1:34 pm

good work!



Feb 14, 19 6:56 am

+1 squarespace - clean templates, easy to use. 

Feb 14, 19 10:07 am

+2 for squarespace if ur a novice and need something nice looking


I'd use Steve from accounting

Feb 15, 19 3:33 am

I use Wix and have done for a while. Its great because you can set one up for free and only then once tested you can pay to link your domain to it. 

Feb 18, 19 6:56 am

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