essay comparing rem koolhaas and frank gehry work.


Compare the use of one media (models,) by two architects of your choice.  Explain how, by using the same media, these architects may have different effects. Problematize by making a hypothesis that you then verify through a series of concrete examples.

I have chose rem koolhaas and frank Gehry. I want to know what the main difference is and the effect they have.

thank you in advance 

Dec 21, 18 4:12 pm
Non Sequitur

Do your own homework you lazy bum.

Dec 21, 18 4:20 pm  · 
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Main difference? Gehry appeared on The Simpsons already in 2005 and Koolhaas only in 2012.

Dec 22, 18 3:45 pm  · 

You could treat them as practitioners work in neoliberal environments- one through “culture” and the other through “economies.” The reading list is your job.

Dec 24, 18 9:47 am  · 

One is a sculptor, the other is seeks ways to materialize sociopolitical and socioeconomic ideas into architecture.  

One is very hands on (bottom-up) with process, the other relys on several minds for the emergence of the design (top-down).  

Dec 25, 18 4:41 pm  · 

Who's who?


Who cares?


edit: hands-on = top-down  ;  emergence = bottom-up  

my bad for the mix up.

Dec 26, 18 3:50 pm  · 
*your name

One turns program into space, the other turns space into program. You figure out who is which. 

Jan 11, 19 10:04 am  · 

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