Interior design using ARCHICAD?​


How do you do extensive interior design using ARCHICAD?

Dec 13, 18 7:15 am

You do that with skill and talent, and for the rest: https://archicad-talk.graphiso...

Dec 13, 18 7:39 am
Non Sequitur

Software is not difficult to learn.  Take pride in learning how to use your tools instead of complaining.  It's only int-des after-all, so just with that, you've cut the work load in half.  8-)

Dec 13, 18 10:28 am

Thanks for answering my question.

Dec 14, 18 6:58 am
Arthur k

ARCHICAD is a useful tool to enhance interior designing skill, it allows to do extensive interior designing.

Dec 20, 18 6:00 am
( o Y o )

you need to use InteriCAD instead

Dec 20, 18 7:27 am

Mostly ARCHID is used by the Civil Engineers that helps to enhance thee skills of an Architect. 

Dec 20, 18 7:30 am
Non Sequitur


Model in rhino and import.

Dec 20, 18 11:38 am

did this solely at my last office. architect+bimx- the best software out there.

Dec 21, 18 6:53 pm

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