the urban experience in one sentence

South Beach (Miami): the smell of urine and cigarettes accompanied by an overwhelming aural assault of Latin  hip hop disco. 

Dec 10, 18 12:56 pm

sounds like the beginning of a thesis project 

Dec 10, 18 1:14 pm

At my last job, the head honchos hired someone to "manage" some of us in the design department. The person would tell us to "describe your design in a single sentence". The implication was that if you couldn't do that, the design (and probably you) were no good. Luckily, the person was asked to leave the firm after about a month.

honestly. that not a bad idea/exercise. it's very close to the albert einstein quote “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

That said, I sympathize. if a non-architect told me to explain my design in a single sentence i'd probably tell him to fuck off. Ha

Non Sequitur

Millennials sitting in dirty landscaping planters trying to recharge their Iphones from the power outlets at the base of lampposts.

Dec 10, 18 1:32 pm

Denver: the smell of urine and marijuana accompanied by an overwhelming aural assault of packaged christmas music plus the usual hobos harassing pedestrians in the mall.

Dec 10, 18 1:38 pm

And then you get hit by a scooter


or two scooters


, electric scooters.


Denver is an example of what would happen if every small town in America sent 5 representatives to live in a city. And half of them become homeless, live in their cars and work in one of the many bad restaurants.


skid row tent villages next to a yuppie condo high-rise 

Dec 10, 18 2:21 pm

Dog shit on my shoe. 

I think. 

No where to wipe it off. 

Dec 10, 18 2:49 pm

I wish there were more trees here, but this is the place where opportunity collects, so here I am.


Dec 11, 18 1:21 am

"but this is the place where opportunity collects" I really like this phrasing a lot. Much more serene than how I would have said it "I feel stuck in this overpriced post-culture crumbling shithole, but they'll throw $$$ at me for my regional knowledge of the overpriced post-culture crumbling market"

lol. i like tokyo. i wish it were slightly different, and that it were easier to work here, but its an exceptional place. there are too many good things here to really do more than grumble insincerely. I like the farm back home in Canada but the city is great. Only thing that really truly bothers me is fear of the big earthquake that is coming. ;-)


Cycling for around 10 minutes on specially dedicated bike lanes through the bustling yet clean city centre to the train station next to the river to take a high speed train for 40 minutes to my job in an old lofty office building from the 50s which is a 5 minute walk from my arrival station.

Dec 11, 18 2:52 am

cycling? clean? high speed train? Doesn't sound like america. Therefore it must be somewhere communist. You commie scum.


How did you know? My mayor (that was appointed by our ruler) in fact belongs to a party that is the result of a merger of the Communist Party, the Pacifist Socialist Party, the Political Party of Radicals and the Evangelical People's Party.

cycling? clean? high speed train? Doesn't sound like america. Therefore it must be somewhere communist. You commie scum. 

This is why we can't have anything nice.


^^And she's a woman too.

Non Sequitur

40mins is too long.


I used to be able to walk to work my previous 3/4 jobs, this is payback I guess :)

Manhattan: homeless, unemployed veterans freezing in the streets, stepped around by self-appointed masters of the universe with $100,000 worth of plastic surgery and $40,000 outfits.

Dec 14, 18 12:25 pm
Non Sequitur

$40k outfits... and here I am arguing with my GC over a $3k extra

manhattan, nyc: 

i hate tourists i hate tourists i hate tourists oh look, jeff goldblum!

Dec 14, 18 12:33 pm

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