Looking For Resources on Architectual Pschology Principles


Hello All,

I am an aspiring Level Designer currently studying games design at University. I am producing a Virtual Reality experiment that places volunteers into one of many digital environments that apply architectural principles and monitors their behaviour, In an attempt to better understand these principles first hand.

I am currently looking to apply things such as: "Shape Dynamism", the effects of "Positive and negative Space", and "The Denial and Reward Principle".

I have read "101 things I learned in architecture school", which gave me a great brief rundown and introduction to the subject. But I am curious if anyone has any other resources they could recommend?

I looked into "Form, Space, and Order", but I didn't find anything relevant to me (Specifically how these various architectural concepts affect people moving through them). Since something that specifically talks about how these principles affect our behaviour would be more up my alley.

Thank you all

Nov 26, 18 10:24 am


Dec 1, 18 12:09 pm

Maybe check out something about phenomenology in architecture.

Dec 1, 18 3:17 pm 

Look at Linea Tillet's work and essays. She is an environmental psychologist/lighting designer. 

Dec 1, 18 7:16 pm

Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal

look it up

Dec 1, 18 11:06 pm

The work of Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) may be relevant.

For an overview see this

Jan 6, 19 12:16 pm

Also maybe this recent feature, on "designing for happiness"?

Jan 6, 19 5:12 pm

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