Tips on managing contracts for small projects


I've been thinking about taking on some small projects and was wondering how other architects go about doing this on the contractual / legal side of things.  Are there any useful platforms, tools or processes anyone can recommend?

Nov 19, 18 5:14 am

Either use AIA or hire an attorney to draft you a contract.  Have your insurance company review to verify all of the required CYA is in the contract to maintain coverage. 

Nov 19, 18 9:18 pm

Great, thanks. Do you normally record all happenings via email with client once appointed? Such as site visits, any changes, new discoveries which will affect the design etc. Just wondering what the best way is to document a small project and be as transparent / trackable as possible.

yes everything in writing and copy the client so you don't get into the trap of "you never told me" in litigation if that should arise. When in doubt email asking for confirmation, always email a written summary of phone conversations and in-person meetings as this is the best way to cover yourself if you end up in litigation or some lesser level of disagreement.


You can hire a lawyer to draft your contract.

Nov 21, 18 11:50 pm

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