MArch Fall 2019 Applicants' Status


Hello guys! 

It's that time of the year again. Let's share our stats, status of application, questions and decisions together.

Following information would be helpful for future applicants:

- Age/Sex/Citizenship

 - Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated 

GPA - GRE  - TOEFL scores for Int'l students 

Letter of recommendations - from whom (this can be general; employer, professor, etc.)

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio (Crits?)

Schools (results [in, out or waitlist], any $ offered, any other pertinent info) 

Open house impressions 

Results (the school you plan to attend, waitlist, rejection.)

 - Tips

Oct 16, 18 4:22 pm


Graduate School applicant here. Going from a 4+2 to a non-professional Master's program. 

Undegrad: Graduated on 2017 with a 3.67/4.0

Graduate: currently hold a 3.75/4.0

GRE: 158V 154Q 3.5A

Rec Letters: professors, employers


Schools (in order of preference): McGill, UT Austin, University of Maryland

Oct 18, 18 7:56 pm

- 25/F/US

- Undergraduate: BA in Urban Planning, Minors in Geography & Entrepreneurship from a top public school; 2015; GPA: 3.8/4.0

GRE: V 170, Q 160, W 5.0

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors (one urban planning prof who I worked for as well as took class with; one from a non-relevant department but who I had a strong relationship with) and one professional (my project manager when I started at my firm)

Personal Essay/Statement: Finally have a draft ready to start getting feedback.

Portfolio: In progress. I'm from a non-design education but I do have fine arts and graphic design experience. Contents include paintings, observational sketches, graphic design work, some GIS stuff, and maybe something from my current job if I can frame it in an information-design structure.

Schools: Still finalizing the list, but it will definitely include YSoA, Penn, GSD, Cornell, and UT 

Open house impressions: Visited Penn (not open house) and appreciated that it seemed like a genuinely interdisciplinary school. Wish I had more to compare it to. Going to UT info session soon, but probably wont be able to visit others until after apps are due.

Good luck everyone!

Oct 20, 18 11:50 am

Hi @placemaker. Did you visit UT Austin? How was it? What about the MAAD program there? its a non accredited program but I don't want to go for a 3 year MArch 2. Please let me know about it if you have visited the school! Thanks


Hey there! I did make it to one of their info sessions. Honestly, you didn't miss much... it wasn't particularly well-organized. But I still liked the school in general. There seemed to be a good breadth of opportunities, and I liked the facilities (the department is housed in some of the oldest buildings on campus. While nothing is shiny or new, studio spaces are spacious and well-lit). Their materials lab was pretty impressive. Can't say much about the MAAD program; most of the other Arch prospectives were also looking at the M.Arch, so the discussion was mostly focused on that program. If you have any other specific questions I might be able to answer, feel free to reach out again!


Update: In at UT Austin :)


congrats. i'm waiting for my results! Did you get an email update or on their website account?


Thanks! The architecture program sent me an email yesterday afternoon with the decision in the subject line, and then I got an email from the Graduate School in the evening telling my my status had changed on ApplyTexas. Good luck!


Update: In at Cornell!


Update: In at WashU; Waitlisted at Yale; Out at Harvard. Turbulent evening.


Update: ended up getting some $ at Cornell; In at UVA with $; in at Rice ($ TBD)


When did you hear about Rice?



- 25/F/Bangladesh 

 - BArch, 2017

- 3.14

 - GRE- on December 3rd


Letter of recommendations - 3 professors from school

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Almost done

 - Portfolio - Almost done. I will definitely post for review. 

Schools- have shortlisted the following: Rensselaer, CCNY, Michigan, Miami Ohio, Taxas A&M, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, ASU, University of Arizona. 

Any suggestion or advice will be great help. Also, which I should I definitely try and skip. Thanks in advance. 

Oct 20, 18 2:20 pm

Hey what did you get on your GRE? I'm applying to USC and UCBerkeley


- 24/M/USA

 - 4 Year B.S. in Architecture / Temple University / 2017 

- 3.3 Undergrad GPA154V / 145Q 

Letter of recommendations - (2) Temple U Studio Professors; one being an MIT grad and the other being one whom I learned a lot from and worked on extra-curricular projects with. (1) project collaborator from pro-bono work.

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Have generic one drafted; still working on certain school-specific essays.

- Portfolio: Undergrad portfolio, V2 under construction with some different projects ( )

Schools (preference order): 
Pratt, MIT, IIT, GSAPP, GSD (Ivy's might be a reach)

Open house impressions: Haven't made it to any so far. Had an informal tour of GSAPP from a current student who provided insight on the logistics and mindset of going there; seems like you pay a lot for networking opportunities and to get a potential in with big name firms if you apply yourself. 

Results - TBD

 - Tips

Nov 19, 18 10:07 pm

- 23/F/Malaysia

- Undergraduate: BA in Architectural Studies, 2018, GPA: 3.75/4.0

- GRE: V 156, Q 157, W 4.5 // retaking in December

Letter of recommendations: 2 professors - 3 studios with one and 2 independent studies with the other, both were my senior thesis advisors // My on campus job employer

Personal Essay/Statement: In progress, haven't started actual writing but have drafted out my points for the generic ones. Starting to work on the school specific ones now.

- Portfolio: In progress but almost done. Mostly architectural design/conceptual projects.

Schools:  GSD, YSoA, MIT, Penn, GSAPP, SCI-Arc, UVA

Nov 20, 18 3:50 am

Update: Got accepted to SCI-Arc with a 50% scholarship


Do you have a link to your portfolio?? Congrats!!!


In at GSD and UVA, out at YSoA. Waiting for MIT, Penn and GSAPP


Hello! Is it too late now to start submitting M.arch I application of Jan 2 deadline?

Dec 27, 18 2:27 am

is it january 2nd yet?


- 22/F/China 

Undergraduate: BA in Mathematics, NYU 2018, GPA: 3.3/4.0

GRE: V 155, Q 168, W 4.5 // TOEFL waived

Letter of recommendations: 3 professors 1 from Dean 1 from studio art professor and 1 from garden history professor.

Personal Essay/Statement: Done

- Portfolio: Personal projects with GSD summer programs' projects

Schools:  GSD, YSoA, UCB, Penn, GSAPP, Pratt, UVA, Northeastern

The whole process feels like a suicidal try but I still go for this...Is there anyone who transmajor from mathematics before?

Jan 8, 19 10:53 am

Your stats look good enough for all of those schools. Being from China is a negative but as long as your portfolio doesn't suck you should get into most of those targets. But you need to work on your attitude.. suicidal try? The fuck? Work on your confidence or you will get destroyed in architecture school.


i have to disagree that 3.3 from NYU is good enough for all of those schools. how do you not get 170 Q on the GRE when you have a degree in mathematics? and 155V? that's just embarrassing.


@placebeyondthesplines, thanks for the reminder and critics. Oh, you know things happen and interestingly some of my fellow maths friends failed in getting a full mark as well. We were all wondering where we went wrong. Oh, for the GPA stuff, as I am from the Shanghai Campus, where the grades are not inflated, it was not necessarily that bad but still, very unsafe for most of the schools and I do agree these are my concerns. I was a former history student back in high school, which I also stated in my


personal statements that I am already proud of myself for being the very few who dare to take a challenge in the whole learning process.


@TrogIodytarum, would you mind telling me why it is a negative as a Chinese? Are you referring to the intense competition among a large population or poor academic reputation or something like a boring and nerdy stereotype? I think it's kind of suicidal since the acceptance rate is very low, roughly 10% I guess, however, statistically, I do agree the chance for each is either accepted or rejected, 50% v 50%. Thanks for the warning/encouragement, after being a maths major for 4 years as former history kid, I felt I have already developed a very high resilience.......


It's negative to be Chinese because there is a disproportionate amount of them applying/attending most all elite schools. Same goes for Asians and South Asians in general. Those from underrepresented backgrounds have a strong advantage due to schools pushing for the appearance of diversity and equality.

This is also the case when it comes to the job market for most firms.


“things happen” and “other schools have grade inflation” are incredibly inadequate excuses for poor grades. you’ll find that admissions committees are quite uninterested in students that can’t explain their failures more sufficiently than that.


nothing at all wrong with being chinese. tons of chinese students at the gsd/ysoa/gsaap; diversity isn't really a consideration at the graduate level. 

and fwiw, pratt and uva are great consolation prizes if you don't get into an ivy.


sadly I think you’re responding to a future northeastern student


@troglodytarum, thanks so much for the information!


@dangermouse, thanks so much for the explanation as well since it sounds pretty encouraging.


Ignore that person. He gave no constructive nor meaningful critics. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about anything. He was just jealous of your nearly perfect math score


@imnoc1 Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I did appreciate his comment, many of them are right about real-world evaluation, and I did agree with most of his critics and I didn't overestimate myself as well.I would not say I'm bullied by him in any cases but I felt really sorry for his choice of words and ironic attitude, which seemed brutally rude that matched with neither a successful architecture student /architect nor a well behaved netizen.


updated:3-1 ucb accepted, ysoa, gsd rejected


- 25/M/Brazilian

- Undergraduate: B.Arch, 2018. GPA 3.3/4.0

- GRE: 159 V / 160 Q / 3.5 W    TOEFL: 111

Letter of Recommendations - 3 professors, 1 from undergrad. research advisor, 1 from thesis advisor and 1 from study abroad university

 - Portfolio - Thesis, projects from studios and a few built projects that I was involved with during internships.

Schools - MIT (SMBT/SMArchS BT); Princeton (MS Civil Engineering); GSD (MDes Technology). Applied for UTokyo ADS but the mail company delayed the delivery and I missed the deadline :(

I am not sure if I have any chance, the whole application process (taking tests, writing letters, etc.) was way harder than I thought it would be, lol.

Jan 9, 19 9:32 am

“lol” is right, this isn’t happening.


@placebeyondthesplines; did your parents not love you as a child?


if this is your response to a realistic appraisal of vmizo's chances of getting into MIT, Princeton, or Harvard with a 3.3 GPA, pitiful GRE, and an apparent inability to even get applications in on time...that says much more about you than it does about me.


Some random basic online bullies are trying to pollute this space. What a shame!


this is adorable


You're welcome


- 23/M/USA

Undergraduate: BFA Arch. Design 2019 (New York City)

GPA: 3.9/4.0

GRE: 155V / 160Q / 4.5AW

Letter of recommendations - professors from undergrad, directors in both BFA and M. Arch; all alumni/former faculty of schools applied to

Portfolio: 4 projects from undergrad architecture/urban design studios

Schools: GSAPP, Cornell, Michigan, MIT, UPenn, YSoA

Results: now we wait...

Jan 12, 19 11:43 am

In at Cornell w/ Advanced Standing!


In at Michigan 2yr w/ $50k


Congrats!! What's your preference though? I think Michigan with $$$ is a good one


In at UPenn, details to come March 14th


@ethanhunt Thanks! Cornell offered 1/2 the amount Michigan did so that’s a good start, going to try to push it further. Cornell’s ~25 person/class program is very enticing coming from an undergrad program of the same size, so that will definitely factor in. Proximity at Cornell/UPenn will also be considered as I am from New York/Connecticut. Waiting to hear back from MIT and Columbia but ultimately this one is going to come down to open houses/tours to find the right fit.


@ethanhunt Cornell offered 1/2 the amount Michigan did so that’s a good start, going to try to push it further



 - Undergraduate B.Arch/2017 

GPA: 3.85/4 - GRE: 155V, 157Q, 4.5AWA  - TOEFL: 111

Letter of recommendations - 3 - 2 professors, 1 employer 

 - Portfolio: 2 academic projects, 3 professional projects

Schools: UC Berkeley, Cornell, GSAPP, Taubman College, CMU, Pratt 

Results: Waiting with bated breath

Jan 17, 19 2:56 am


 - Undergraduate B.Arts/2016

GPA: 3.51/4 - GRE: 155V, 157Q, 4.5AWA  - TOEFL: 111

Letter of recommendations - 4 - 2 professors, 2 employers(ivy alumnus) 

 - Portfolio: 3 academic projects, 1 professional projects

Schools: GSD/ MIT/ Yale/ Cornell/ Princeton/ UCB/ WUSTL(all are March I program)

Results: finger crossed 

Jan 24, 19 1:18 am

Just got in Harvard GSD and Yale, both March I program.


congrats! Do you mind sharing your portfolio?


I will share my website when it's done, I'll put everything online


just received an offer from WUSTL. I applied for March I, but seems like they upgrade it to a March II AP



Undergraduate: B.S. Architecture / 2014

GPA: 3.6 | GRE: 159 V, 146 Q, 5.0 AWA

LOR: 2-3 professors, 1 from my boss at previous firm - I've worked in professional capacity with all the professors I asked for letters as well

Portfolio: 2 academic projects, 2 work projects, 1 competition

Schools: Taubman, UVA, GSD, GSAPP, MIT, Rice, YSoA, Austin, Minnesota (all for M.Arch, and some for dual M.UP / M.U.D.)

Results: will update as released

Jan 27, 19 11:43 pm

Share your portfolio!


Until I get all acceptances / declines, I'm posting updates here....will repost to second thread once I've heard everything.

  • University of Michigan (Accepted, $$)
  • Austin (Accepted, no financial yet)
  • UMN (Accepted, no financial yet)

Taubman acceptance was for 2 year MArch

  • University of Michigan (Accepted, $$) MUD
  • UVA (Accepted, $$)
  • Yale (Accepted, no financial yet)


Hi. Would love to see your portfolio!!

  • GSAPP (Accepted, no $) MSUP
  • GSAPP (Accepted, no $) MArch
  • UPDATE: Yale (Accepted, $$)


Undergraduate: B.A. Psych / 2016, Arch major for 2 years

GPA: 3.9 | GRE: 163 V, 154 Q, 4.0 AWA

LOR: 2 professors (1 from architecture), 1 boss 

Portfolio: 3 academic projects, 4 personal works

Schools: Austin, Minnesota, UW Seattle, RPI, NCSU

Jan 30, 19 6:38 pm

why all the second- and third-tier programs? your portfolio is likely to be far stronger than most m.arch I applicants, and your GPA is certainly high enough.


Location for my top three. I have hated living in the southeast for the majority of my adult life. I chose schools in locations I would be happy to live in after graduating. If I could do it over again, I would apply to top-tier schools too. I don't want to wait another year, though. Hopefully I'll get in and graduate with less loans this way.


I did the same thing--I didn't think that I could get in to top-tier schools with similar scores/GPA. If I had a do-over I would shoot higher. Cornell, MIT, Berkley...


- 27/F/Greek

- Undergraduate: 5-year Diploma in Architecture / NTUA (Greece) / 2014

- Work Experience:

2 years part-time at small hospitality firm in Greece

Almost 3 years at small but very successful, high-end single family custom homes architecture firm in Silicon Valley.

- GPA: 8.76/10 | GRE: 158 V, 160 Q, 5.0 AWA | TOEFL: 117/120 | IELTS: 9.0/9.0

Letter of recommendations - 2 from undergraduate professors in Greece, both had me at several courses and were my diploma thesis advisors | 1 from current employer (ivy alumnus, knows me since early 2016).

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio: these vary per school, as I applied to multiple programs. Last year I had applied to the AA Projective Cities program and got in with funding, but couldn't accept for family reasons. Thus I used that same portfolio/essay that got me in last year, but with improvements and adjustments.


MArch 2 - SCI-Arc, UCLA

Other programs - SCI-Arc EDGE, UC Berkeley MUD, MIT SMArchS Architecture + Urbanism, USC MAAS, USC MBS, Woobury University MSArch RED (I see Woodbury as my safety option)

Open house impressions: I attended the online open houses for UCLA, SCI-Arc, and MIT. SCI-Arc gives me the impression that it has the type of students I was trying to avoid as an undergrad, MIT seems very sophisticated and academic, UCLA has a more fun vibe.

Results: Of course no idea about results yet, but my ultimate goal would be UCLA. MIT has an incredible program, really competitive to get in, as they also have good funding opportunities.

Jan 31, 19 2:55 pm

Update: in USC MBS w/ $$


Update: in USC MAAS w/ $$$


Idk how your portfolio looks like but your stats look amazing. Best of luck!


Thanks, I think they work for the schools I applied to (minus MIT)! I can't really comment on my own work, but I did try to only include projects relevant to each application. Fingers crossed!


Oh actually 8.76/10 is only like 3.5 and your GRE is kinda below average for top programs. Probably won't get into MIT or UCLA but gl with USC!


True for US standards, but I'm top 5% from my school and UCLA has already interviewed me :) However I'm totally happy with USC if UCLA doesn't play out!


Would love to see your portfolio! 


This is just sad that an account was made to impersonate me, in order to do what, troll? Mad about a very innocuous comment. Was my initial comment too positive, too optimistic? I wonder who the suspect could be..


Hey! I was wondering if it's common to get an interview from UCLA or if that is something primarily reserved for international candidates?


Hi artdecoboi, I know past applicants who've been admitted both with and without an interview, so I'm not sure what triggers it.


Gotcha, thanks for the info!


Side note: I meant top 15%, not 5% - can't edit my comment.



Undergraduate: B.A. / 2019 

GPA: 3.9

GRE: 163 V, 170 Q, 4.5 AWA

Portfolio: 5 academic projects 

LOR: 3 professors

Feb 5, 19 7:26 am

Which schools did you apply to?,


- 21/F/USA

- Architecture B.D.A./University of Minnesota/2019

- GPA: 3.3/4.0

- GRE: 159 V, 152 Q, 4 AW

Letters of Rec: 2 professors from architecture studios, 1 supervisor at admin. job

- Personal Statement: Varied by school, discussed passion for sustainable design as evidenced by a minor in such. Also discussed construction experience.

- Applied: U of Oregon, North Carolina State U, U of Minnesota, U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, South Dakota State U

- Results: IN at U of Oregon, still waiting on the rest. Fingers crossed!

Feb 6, 19 10:36 am

Portland or Eugene for UofO? Congratulations by the way!


Eugene, and thank you!


Also in at Minnesota!



Undergraduate: BArch -  2018

GPA: 3.6/4.0

IELTS: 8.0

Letters of recommendation: 2 professors, 1 employer

Applied: Parsons, IaaC, RCA, KADK, AHO

Results: I've been accepted to IaaC and the RCA. Still waiting on the others.

Feb 6, 19 11:48 am

Hey congrats on getting into 2/5 so far! Would you mind sharing you portfolio? I’m applying to IaaC and KADK too and it would be nice to see what an accepted portfolio is like for comparison. Thanks!



Undergrad - Environmental Design

GPA - 3.4

Accepted - UofO Track II Portland

Feb 6, 19 3:05 pm


- 22/Male/USA

 - BFA studio art/ UNC Chapel Hill/ 2019

GPA - 3.78

Letter of recommendations - 1 current employer, 2 professors, and one mentor (I’m an RA and I’ve worked with her all 4 years of undergrad)

Schools UVA, UCLA, Berkeley, UPenn, GSAPP, GSD, MIT, YsoA

Results waiting just like everyone else haha

Feb 7, 19 10:14 pm


Undergraduate: B.S. Interior Design from a state school | 2017

GPA: 3.8/4.0

GRE: 154 V | 151 Q | 4.5 AW

LOR: professor | department head/undergrad thesis advisor | current supervisor

Portfolio: Mix of renderings and sketches from academic projects.

Schools: UT Knoxville | NCSU | Indiana University | IIT | UIC

Results: Trying to wait patiently.

Feb 11, 19 3:44 pm

why these schools? some interesting choices to be sure



Undergraduate: B.A.Clemson University 2018 (w/ 1 summer studio at GSAPP)

GPA: 3.7

GRE: 154 V | 148 Q | 4.5 AW

LOR: prof's from Clemson and Columbia 

Portfolio: 5 urban design projects in various cities, and a bunch of design operations

Schools: UCB, UCLA, USC, University of Miami, Pratt, GSAPP

Results: fingers crossed

Feb 13, 19 3:33 pm

Hi! We seem to have some overlap :) Which programs did you apply to at UCB, UCLA, and USC? Also curious how come you didn't apply to SCI-Arc, since you seem to be entertaining LA as an option? P.S. - Accidentally sent you a message instead, please ignore.


Hey! I responded anyway but I'll post here so others can see. I applied to M.Arch for all schools. I don't have a BArch, only a BA which disqualifies me from many MArch II programs. So I applied to have "advanced standing" at UCB, USC. For UCLA I applied for MArch I. And for your sciArc question, I visited the studio on a tour last year and I didn't really like what the students were working on. Just a personal opinion :) 

Feb 13, 19 3:53 pm

Yes, just received it, thanks! I was wondering whether we'd be attending any of those together, but I already have a BArch, so I'm at a different spot. I do think your view about SCI-Arc makes sense, especially if you don't have solid foundation on architecture yet. Best of luck!!


this person has a four-year degree in architecture, so the suggestion that she doesn’t like sci-arc because of a lacking foundation is incredibly presumptuous. many people with far more experience than you don’t like the work or approach of sci-arc, which doesn’t make them wrong or you right.


What was presumptuous on my end is how a BA translates in terms of the educational system I've been a part of. What was presumptuous on your end, is that I suggested she didn't like SCI-Arc because of lacking foundation; I never said that, and most certainly didn't mean that.


“I do think your view about SCI-Arc makes sense, especially if you don't have solid foundation on architecture yet.”


Your view makes sense = I agree = I don't like their projects either (personal opinion)/ if you don't have solid foundation yet = a more grounded program would be a better fit (personal opinion). See, still presumptuous of you, but I'm too nice to take offense :)


interesting backpedal, but it’s quite obvious what you actually meant: “your lack of knowledge and experience is why you don’t ‘get’ the student work at sci-arc.” you said yourself that you applied to the m.arch II at sci-arc; seems like a pretty questionable decision if you don’t like the student work there.


Ah placebeyondthesplines, I remember you from your trolling on last year’s admissions threads. Glad to see you back at it!


its the only reason i come here anymore. trolling balkins just doesn't have the same zest as it used to


i truly don’t mean the comments in this thread to be any sort of trolling. i only commented on the absurdly condescending tone of greeksalad’s reply because it was uncalled for and clearly mistaken, and because she hardly has standing to condescend to anyone.


But how do you kmatre felt condescended or talked down to? Did they contact you to defend them? You come off as really unhinged tbh


ah, to be so delicate


oh yes, delicate. so says the person that goes off at a perceived slight, directed nowhere near them. I am weeping into my cornflakes.


someday when you actually know something about architecture, you too will be irritated by those who pretend they do


25 F INDIA, B.Arch

GPA : 3.7/4

GRE : 310

TOEFL : 100

LOR : 3 Employers -1Director & 1Managing Director, 3 undergraduate college - 1Principal, 1Academic Chair

WORK EXP : Internship - Gensler, 2.5 yr exp at HBO+EMTB, 0.5 yr ex at Start-up firm, currently working at IKEA

PORTFOLIO : Will soon update the link

SCHOOLS Applied : MIT, U C Berkeley, GSD, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, UIUC

Awaiting decision!

Feb 17, 19 1:40 am

applying to m.arch ii programs, presumably?


@placebeyondthesplines Yes, I am applying to M.arch II programs.


good luck, looking forward to seeing your portfolio


Sure, I will update with the details asap. :-)


Hi Pratiksha! Any updates on the results yet?


Good thing I was going to say I don't feel comfortable sending things to people I don't know personally. This thread is becoming way too weird for me...

Feb 19, 19 9:08 pm
bye bye bayou

Undergraduate: BArch University of Houston

GPA: 2.9 | GRE: none

LOR: 3 professors, 1 former employer 

Portfolio:  Depends on the application but my main portfolio consisted of 4 academic projects, 2 personal projects. 

Schools: Cranbrook Academy of Arts, University of Stuttgart/ITECH

I received an acceptance letter from Cranbrook, but they want a response and very hefty deposit by next Wednesday (Yikes!). I won't know if I even made the interview process at Stuttgart until weeks later and they don't send out acceptance letters until early April. Stuttgart is only 3,000 Euros a year while Cranbrook is more than 10x that much.

If any alumni  of Cranbrook or Stuttgart or people familiar with the program could give me a good idea on where MArch students end up after graduation and any scholarships you applied for outside the university, that would be greatly appreciated and very helpful in my decision making. 

Also, I did quite a few deep dives through Archinect threads when building my portfolio which was very helpful. I wanted to contribute by providing a link to mine below.

Feb 20, 19 1:05 am

looks like you’re just going to have to eat that $1000 deposit or get comfortable with waiting another year if you don’t get into Stuttgart
. cranbrook’s admissions process is geared toward applicants that are pretty much only interested in cranbrook — hence the two week response window and unusually large deposit to hold your spot — but they make those details very clear before you applied. you can’t count on Stuttgart working out, especially considering your GPA.

bye bye bayou

"but they make those details very clear before you applied" Oh, I'm aware of this. What I didn't expect was for the acceptance process to move so quickly. I had the interview and an acceptance letter within less than two weeks of submitting my application. I'm applying for the ICD track at ITECH and when visiting the university, they told me the acceptance is based heavily on design and portfolio and there was no GPA requirement. That said, I'm sure they will still take this into consideration.


well I’m glad you knew what you were getting into with cranbrook; that is an extremely quick turnaround. your portfolio isn’t exceptionally strong though, especially not in terms of computational design. if you applied only to these two schools, my unsolicited advice is to accept at cranbrook whole you can.



bye bye bayou

I should have been more clear, but I was looking for reassurance that Cranbrook (with a scholarship) was a sound investment. I think you spent about 5 seconds looking at my portfolio based on preconceived assumptions. My renderings are not amazing but I have a team design-build/material research/digital fabrication project where I was running the 3D model, millwork sheets, and CNC machine. I also have professional work from two award-winning and nationally well-respected design firms in their fields. I don't know if I'll get into Stuttgart but I did my due diligence for both programs and "knew what I was getting into." Thank you for your input, but I was able to find the reassurance I was looking for about Cranbrook through personal connections and will accept their offer.


fabrication experience/expertise ≠ computational design skill. the former will certainly be useful to you in graduate school, but having been on admissions committees for several years, I can tell you a) I know how to read a portfolio, b) yours is in fact quite weak (and not just in terms of renderings), and c) it is not remotely competitive for computational design programs. none of this is meant as a slight or an insult, only an honest and realisitc appraisal of your situation . congratulations and good luck at cranbrook.

bye bye bayou

Frankly, I've been a little stressed out by this process. I know Cranbrook will be a great fit... I just have to figure out how to pay for it. Thank you for your honest feedback.


I received three acceptance letters so far (RPI, UMN, NCSU), but no mention of $$$. Will emails/letters come out later if one is to be offered funding? 

Feb 20, 19 4:34 am

some schools have completely separate notification processes for funding, and others include aid offers in the acceptance letter. it’s annoying that they didn’t tell you what to expect, but a quick call to each admissions office will easily sort it out.


Thank you



Undergraduate: B.A. / 2017 

GPA: 3.85

GRE: 161 V, 157 Q, 5.0 AWA

TOEFL: 118

Portfolio: 5 academic, 4 personal projects

LOR: 2 professors, 1 employer

Schools: YSoA, GSD, MIT, GSAPP, Princeton, UPenn, Berkeley 

Feb 22, 19 2:37 pm

Update: accepted to Berkeley’s 3-year MArch I program.


congrats. when and how did you receive notification? and any scholarship offer ?


Sorry for the late response. Unofficial email from the department Feb 26 and official notification on the website Feb 27 - no scholarship.


Update: accepted to Yale's MArch I program (unofficial letter with scholarship information still incoming) and to GSD's MArch I program as well (with a full tuition scholarship!)


Which one are planning to enroll into?


I'm deciding between Harvard and Yale. I also got into GSAPP and UPenn, didn't get into Princeton, and haven't heard from MIT.


Alright. Congratulations on the admits and good luck for the program!!


I just got into Berkeley with $$$ I'm so shocked!!!!!

Feb 22, 19 8:47 pm

Congrats! What program did you apply to?


Congratulations.. which program?


M.Arch 1 (three year track)


Congrats! I applied to the same track. Do you mind if I ask whether it was by email or by call?


I got an email with an unofficial letter from the department. Its also states that an official letter will be released later from the UC graduate division or something along those lines.




I got an unofficial letter as well, via email today!!



Undergraduate: B.Arch Studies - Canada / 2019 

GPA: 4.00

GRE: 156 V, 150 Q, 4.0 AWA

Portfolio: 5 academic, 2 professional, 2 personal

LOR: 2 professors, 1 employer

Schools: YSoA, GSAPP, UPenn, Berkeley, UMich, Carnegie Mellon

Still Awaiting!

Feb 23, 19 5:59 pm

Portfolio please!


what happened on the GRE? when I see stats like this I immediately assume grade inflation or test anxiety, the latter of which seems pretty incongruous with four years of perfect studio presentations

Non Sequitur

Funny, Canada does not have any B.Arch degrees anymore. Someone is overcompensating here... and I'm not (just) referring to the list of schools.


i’m just spitballing here, but i’m pretty sure she means a bachelor of architectural studies when she explicitly says “B.Arch Studies,” which does indeed exist at multiple Canadian


@placebeyondthesplines I didn't have time to study much, was focusing on studio and other classes so only spend about a week reviewing it - in retrospect I should have retaken it.


@Non Sequitur I wrote B.ArchStudies, which is indeed my degree, no need to jump down my throat. Not sure what you think i'm overcompensating for, other than my mediocre GRE scores, which I definitely acknowledge.

Non Sequitur

B.A.S is the convention for architectural studies bachelor degrees up here.


dude, just acknowledge that you misread her post or leave it alone, don't double down on that "convention" nonsense

Non Sequitur

But nonsense is my middle name.


taking pride in your incompetence is a curious choice

Non Sequitur

I'm not good at balancing characters.


Well, despite your comments about my overcompensating on my list of schools, I did just get accepted to Berkeley!!


congratulations. is your portfolio online?

Non Sequitur



21 Male


Bachelor of Architectural Studies - Major in Design

Carleton University - Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism

GPA: 3.7/4.0  A-

3 Letters of Reference from Professors 

Latest Portfolio: (I wish I applied with this one)


UBC, UofT, Calgary, Ryerson, & Carleton 

Portfolio feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Feb 25, 19 6:37 am

Smaller or less text mate (change of font for your project title numbering)... your pictures already said more than 1000 word, they are lovely. Could simplify the opening (cover, ToC, about me)

Non Sequitur

I despise that intro spread sooo very much. Skills graph is bad, counties visited, useless, half a page for experience but only small stints... just looks like filler. Also, you need to add progress work and concept drawings. Not just final generic renderings and honestly, your last pages with the sketches are very bad. Carleton used to be known in Canada as a farm school with strong graphic skills. Man... have they dropped that ball.


Thank you for the comments. I will rework the CV, I agree with you, some of the things listed aren't that relevant to be in there. I disagree with you in regards to the travel content. Some universities like UBC would actually encourage you to mention them. In regards to the progress work, I have lots, I will definitely include more. All the sketches at the end were all done before my Bachelor, so if I happen to keep them, I will probably add the date. I agree there is a lot more to be done in terms of line-weights and color schemes. But Carleton still is very strong in graphic skills, I encounter work that inspires me every day in the building's walls.


Will do suggested changes Ariel, thank you very much for your feedback


future commenters take note: this is how to respond to harsh but valid

Non Sequitur

Well said G.B. I was harsher on this one since we both share common undergrad universities and I know how much work is produced in the studios (conversation stream not withstanding).


Hey g.bourget, have you heard back from any of the universities yet?


Yes I did, I got into Carleton and Calgary, still waiting on U of T, Ryerson and UBC,


Good luck! I'm also waiting results from U of T's M.Arch (First Choice) and UBC's Dual Masters. Got accepted into U of T's Masters of Landscape(Last Choice). Wait is killing me. Keep us updated!


Just got an interview invite from UCL MArch RIBA Part 2. Admission said that my interviewer will be PROFESSOR CJ LIM. Perhaps because I mentioned about my fondness of him in my SoP. Anybody have any suggestion? Or perhaps experienced talking with one of the (in my opinion) most respectable person in the academia? 

Feb 25, 19 12:17 pm

Not sure if it’s already been discussed elsewhere, but any idea why some applicants receive phone calls as an early notification of their admission? Is it reserved for those super stellar applicants to add a more “personal touch”?

Feb 26, 19 3:35 pm

I believe so. My roommate just got a phone call this morning from Cornell saying he got accepted in their program with the highest scholarship they give to students.


Wow, what's your roommate's background? Did you get to see his portfolio?


Coming from a 4yr program! I saw it, it was strong. May also have influenced the fact that he has good stats on top of good work.


Did they call from the admissions office?


Yes, the head of the admission office.


@oneiriglitch I didn't get a scholarship, but I got my acceptance call from the director of the M. Arch program (Caroline O'Donnell)


Thanks for the quick replies. I was asking because I happen to have missed a call this morning. I don't know who the caller was, but it wasn't a Cornell AAP number


Ah, I missed my call and they left a voicemail. It was an Ithaca area code. But I have definitely been getting jumpy about every call from an unknown number for the last couple weeks!


I happen to live and work in areas where the cellular reception is the worst. What happens if they call and cannot reach the number? Do they, alternatively, intimate the candidate through email?


​@ethanhunt I am sure they would either leave you a voicemail or follow up with email. Also, I noticed that you started this whole thread but haven't posted your stats. I would be curious to see them along with your list of schools.


dude. calm down. if Cornell decided to accept you after going through the massive hassle of admissions review, do you really think a missed phone call would change their minds? either you got in but aren’t in the top tier/phone call/most funding group, or you didn’t get in. you’ll know one way or another soon enough.


Oh sorry! i'll post my stats right away


So when do we start posting acceptances? I see quite a few of the popular colleges have sent out their decisions already. 

(ref. grad cafe)

Feb 27, 19 11:17 am

In at UT Austin, Minnesota, NCSU (offered $$ already), and Rensselaer. Still waiting to hear back from UW Seattle and offers for funding at the other schools.


there is typically a separate results thread, just to keep all of this slightly more manageable


- 25/M/India

 - Undergraduate 5 year B.Arch/ 2016 

GPA 7.2/10

GRE-311  V153 Q158 AWA 4.5

Letter of recommendations - 3: 2 form professors 1 from employer and they'd be pretty solid


Schools UCB, ASU, UT Austin (MAAD), USC, UCincinnati, UVa. Basically, I am looking forward to schools with strong focus on sustainable design.

Results In at UCinci MArch 1

Feb 27, 19 1:57 pm

applied for MArch 2 year tra ck in all


or do this and make an already unwieldy thread more of a mess, cool


you applied for m.arch ii at Cincinnati and were accepted to m.arch i
? yikes


in at UCinci MArch 2* it was a typo


- 22/M(Gender-fluid)/Brazilian

 - Honors in Art/ UCI/ 2018 

- 3.6 -  GRE 157V/ 152Q/ 4.0 - 118 TOEFL 

Letter of recommendations - 4 letters from Professors: Drawing Professor (Retired), Digital Art Professor, Sculpture Professor, Architecture Professor.



Sci-Arc: Accepted $$$

MIT: Accepted (Idk Yet)

Yale: IDK yet

 - Tips:

I made my portfolio 4 times from start to finish, I had many people look at it (mostly other artists though), and I tried to make my personal statements about my specific interests and how the school would help me accomplish them. Also I included very specific information about each program that I could figure out from online research. I know MIT has a lot of little nuggets of what they want you to talk about on their page. 

Feb 27, 19 2:49 pm

Love the look of the portfolio. Congrats on the admits! What's your top choice?


Congrats! How did you hear about MIT? Via email or was it posted on the website?


They actually tried calling me a couple of times but I wasn't home. I emailed them back and they told me I was accepted.


Also, MIT is my top choice


That's awesome! Congrats! Did they offer any $$$


I'm not sure since the lady was supposed to talk to me over the phone. But applications for scholarships (to my knowledge) happen after the decision process.


Congrats! When did you hear from MIT?




Hello arthurboscolo, I was wondering if you have received the official package from MIT as of yet?


Actually I haven't, but I called them last week and they told me that they were still dealing with the financial assistance stuff and that we should be receiving our packages later this week. However, one thing that I'm a bit worried about is that the professor who emailed me about my acceptance hasn't gotten back to me after I emailed her last week. So, idk whats happening, I'm waiting for an update too.


I guess they are flooded with e-mails, lol. I hope they reply this week I will keep you updated when I get it


Hey I just got an email yesterday from them! I think MIT is my final choice. The financial package they offered was better than the other schools.


Yea me too! They offered half tuition fellowship what about you?


They offered full tuition plus stipend. I feel like a dickwad posting this online, but I guess I already posed my admissions results so too late for that now I guess.


Congrats! And no I think it gives future students a good idea of what to expect when they apply.


anyone with experience negotiating with MIT about schol arship if other school had offered full tuition covered?


Link for decision thread:

Feb 27, 19 3:01 pm

30 / F / US

Undergraduate BFA of Illustration / Kendall College of Art and Design / 2012 

GPA 3.93 (Kendall)  GRE V 164, Q 156, W 3.5 

Letter of recommendations - 3 from bosses, 1 from professor

Portfolio - 3-year MArch Portfolio

Work Experience - 4 years as a video animator and editor, 5 years as a graphic designer/illustrator/marketer at AEC firm.


  • University of Michigan (idk yet)
  • UT Austin (Accepted 2/12/19, $$ idk)
  • UI Chicago (Accepted 2/25/19, $$ idk)
Feb 27, 19 4:34 pm

@placebeyondthesplines how is having a separate results thread going to help at this point? i would understand if that thread were made in April when everyone knows where they're going, but I don't see how that one would be any less chaotic than this one for incoming decisions. (please don't jump on me, i genuinely want to know your reasoning)


the pre-results thread (this one) is generally intended for this year's applicants to discuss the admissions process -- they used to be "commiserate here" threads -- before applications are submitted and before notifications go out. portfolio feedback requests, what-are-my-chances inquiries, inside information about schools, etc. are shared here.


the post-results thread is much more individually focused (these are my stats, this is my portfolio, these are my results), so it's far more useful to future applicants. based on stats, portfolios, and results, prospective students next year and beyond can get a clearer picture of where they stand with regard to their upcoming applications.

it might be a small distinction, but it typically yields much more organized discussions when we have one thread for process and one for results.


ah, got it. thanks for the reply. that probably would have been a more organized way to go about it. i have only spent time browsing the post-results threads (and i would guess many others here are in the same boat) so i always saw this thread as one of those. since it has been serving as that kind of thread for well over 100 posts/comments, i don't know if i agree about there being any value in trying to transition at this point.


your unsolicited opinion notwithstanding, most of the contributors in this thread (and past threads) applied to numerous programs that have not yet begun notifying applicants (but will be any day now), so "100 posts/comments" or not, newcomers to the forum should not be made to wade through five months of comments because a new thread slightly inconveniences you.

in past years, there have also been countless posters that only posted in the results thread. since that trend is likely to continue, the new thread should be where results are posted.


my concern is just that by adding a new results thread after so many people have already posted results here, we will just have two threads with incomplete information. i see that as creating a bigger disadvantage to newcomers than having them read through a thread that was active for several months. it's not like the posts from a few months ago are somehow burdensome or irrelevant.


you're welcome to try to make me out to be a selfish person avoiding personal inconveniences, but i really am trying to help keep this forum helpful for future applicants (just like you, right?). i know how much i relied on these threads and i hope they remain useful. we can just disagree on the best way for that to happen.


the forum will be most helpful for future applicants if it sticks to the general template, loose though it is, that it has followed for the last several years. 

the pre-results threads always have some posted results, and those posters typically post again in the newer thread as the bulk of the notifications come out, funding offers are received, and final decisions are being considered. it's a different process, and two threads keeps it much simpler.


that's fair. i concede. i'll probably be one of those people who moves to the other thread when everything is set in stone.


and here's hoping you have nothing but acceptances and giant scholarship offers to report when you do. you're off to an excellent start.


thanks! i really appreciate that.


- Age 20/Sex Male/Citizenship USA (Minnesota)

 - Undergraduate Architecture B.S. / University of Minnesota / Fall 2018

GPA 3.7/4.0 - GRE: V 158 | Q 162 | W 4 

Letter of recommendations - Three studio professors- Professor of Architecture, Adjunct Professor, and Assistant Adjunct Professor in title

Also uploaded a fourth for the GSD, as they allowed it, from a fourth studio professor

 - Personal Essay/Statement - requirements varied by school

Portfolio 4-6 academic projects (based on school length), from each of my 5 design studios in undergrad. Projects were reworked/new content over the past months leading to application due dates.

Schools MArch I AP applied

University of Toronto- Awaiting

University of Minnesota (Alma Mater)- Accepted  on 2/16, awaiting scholarship offer.

University of Michigan- Accepted into 2 year MArch I with 50% tuition Scholarship (YAY) on 2/27

Pratt Institute- Awaiting

Harvard GSD- Awaiting

Results TBD

 - Start portfolio early, less stress come December.

Will post updates soon. A note for everyone- put a date in the replies  because you can't see it otherwise (:

Feb 27, 19 10:30 pm

- Age 23/Sex male/Citizenship Japan(Tokyo)

 - Undergraduate degree B.Eng in Keio University (Japan) 2018

GPA 3.46- GRE :V151 A163 - TOEFL 109

Letter of recommendations - Professor of my laboratory (academic advisor) in undergraduate, studio lecturer (architect) , professor from the university where I participated for workshop activity

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio will upload the portfolio as soon as possible


Princeton, Yale, UC Berkeley, GSD, GSAPP


got into UC Berkeley, M.Arch advanced standing

others: still waiting

 will update soon

Feb 28, 19 2:30 am

update: got into Harvard and Yale


hey congrats, that's awesome! Do you mind sharing your portfolio?


thanks! sure, this is the short version that i submitted to Berkeley. I'll upload the full version later


Does anyone know when the admission notifications are usually received for the big schools? (GSD, MIT, yale, columbia..etc)

ANXIOUSLY awaiting.,...

Feb 28, 19 8:15 am

early to mid march!


GSD and Yale should’ve notified today.


- 27/F/USA

 - Undergraduate: 4 year liberal art degree

GPA -3.6

GRE  - V 166, Q 151

Letter of recommendations - Two from employer, two from professor

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio (Crits?) Will Upload soon!


- UT Austin (accepted)

- UCAL (accepted with $$)

- MIT, Yale, GSD, Rice, Pratt (TBD)

Open house impressions 

Results (the school you plan to attend, waitlist, rejection.)

 - Tips

Feb 28, 19 9:48 am

Which program at Austin?


M.Arch 1


should we reply or send a thank you email if we get an official letter of acceptance for a program ?

Mar 1, 19 8:55 am

Ethically, yes!


Thank you. It wont seem weird to thank the admission officer without giving them my answer (intent to enroll) because I still havent made up my mind?


I don't think so. I replied in a diplomatic way to the university that gave me an offer :P You anyways have some time to evaluate your choice, financial considerations, etc. till the deadline/other offers. And imo, they'd pretty much scroll over the message entirely. So sending a reply or not won't matter as much!


Okay. Thank you so much for your help and congratulations on your acceptance. I want to be respectful towards the admissions office and wasnt sure what was the right way to do it


I will post my stats and results once I get the answers from all the schools.


It depends on how they alerted you to your admission. Different schools have different methods (and some have different methods for different tiers of admitted students). If it was by a phone call (from an architecture school dean or director, faculty member, or admissions committee member) then obviously you're going to thank them during that call. If it was by a personal email from one of these people you're probably also going to reply to the email with a "thank you for your kind email, I'm honored..." - though if you haven't decided yet whether to attend then you should be careful about how you word it, so it's not interpreted as an acceptance. There are a very few schools whose acceptances sometimes also come with plane tickets or an offer to fly you to their admitted students weekend and put you up in a hotel - if you happen to get one of those then of course you're going to want to reply right away to confirm travel arrangements or to let them know you can't attend.

But if you just get an acceptance letter in the mail, or if it's a general email from university admissions admin, or a notice from the automated online admissions system, then there's no expectation at all that you should send any thank yous or acknowledgement, other than your eventual acceptance or decline of their offer.


Age 21/Male/USA

 - Undergraduate PHYSICS (BS) minoring in Art, Art History

GPA 3.68- No GRE Yet

Letter of recommendations - physics professor and research advisor, Architectural history professor

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio will upload the portfolio as soon as possible

(Any recommendations on portfolios welcome)


GSD, Columbia, Yale, Cornell, UVA, UMichigan, Cal Berkeley

Mar 4, 19 5:24 pm

Have you heard back from Columbia?


I am hoping Columbia lets us know in the next few days, based on last year.


Last year, people started hearing back Fri. March 9th. I thought today would be the day since it's basically the same Friday.


Heard back from Columbia yesterday 3/11 for M.Arch & Friday 3/8 for MSRED.

The above comment was more to see what people here think my chances are for a 2020 application. I have not applied yet. Thanks!
Mar 8, 19 9:23 pm

what do you anticipate putting in your portfolio, and why do you want to apply to those schools specifically?

I hope to display my drawing skills, sculptures, and watercolor and furniture. I have been accumulating sketches and concept drawings as well. I ultimately want to be involved with theory, (architectural theory) at least in part during my career, as I’ve always loved reading the works of architectural literature (rem, Lebbeus woods, Steven Holl, Le corb, and venturi just to name a few) even alberti! Admittedly little by little lol. I noticed that the schools above offer an environment where these writings can be considered along with their modern counterparts- these schools are heavy in architectural thought, as far as I can see. Note that I care about architectural history not just theory- the historical aspect matters to me. I hope to show that I am capable in research, but also in the art and creativity involved with drawing and making. I want to hold off on the computer aided design. What do you think?
Mar 9, 19 1:30 am

I have been admitted to the MS in Architecture Design | Energy | Futures programme at Syracuse University, was wondering if someone has been admitted to the same course? Just wanted to understand the feedback of a graduate programme like this and general alumnus feedback if any.

Mar 10, 19 1:42 pm


- 24/M/Lebanese

 - BArch/ LAU/ 2017 

3.59/4.00 - GRE: not required  - TOEFL waived 

Letter of recommendations - from three professors and one internationally known employer

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio done! in addition to a sample text (thesis)

Schools: MIT (SMarchS AD), TU Delft ( the Berlage), UCL (Bartlett)


Mar 13, 19 3:13 am

In: RCA and Goldsmith (Research Architecture)


OUT: Bartlett


Choice between USC and UCinci

USC (after scholarship $$) is costing me ~1.75x UCinci (after considering co-op $$)

I really like USC curriculum and want to work in a warmer place (i am too unmotivated in a gray, gloomy cold weather and have issues getting out of  cozy warmth of bed in cold). I am more inclined towards practical architecture (and environmentally sensitive design, which i plan to take electives on) and urbanism.

Considering UCinci would largely provide me opportunity to work on the eastern side, it'll be a long winter for me.

Regardless of weather, is the USC worth considering and taking a longer repayment time for the fee? How good does a USC graduate get paid in LA as compared to in the east?

Suggestions from experienced professionals would greatly help me in choosing between the two.

I'm also waiting on Berkeley MArch bit its highly unlikely I'm getting into. its been long since anyone has heard from them and will probably be hearing about denials. If in an ideal world i get into Berkeley, USC or Berkeley?

Mar 14, 19 3:35 am

- 23/M/South Africa

Undergraduate: B arch (3 year), University of Cape Town w/ distinction

GPA: 79% (with 75% being an A)

GRE: 157V / 157Q / 3AW (Poor performance really)

Letter of recommendations - head of studio from undergrad, two guest studio critics and letter from employer


Schools: GSAPP, Harvard, Architectural Association, MIT, YSoA, University of Cape Town



YSoA $$
Architectural Association
UCT $ (Practically free compared, $2600 dollars a year)

TBC, but sadly will likely stay at UCT.

Any opinions on Yale vs AA. Both come to just over 40k per year although the AA is a year less. Also, to what degree is a student loan worth it and/or has anyone managed to find funding from external sources. Seems like a hell of a setback to start life with. Especially coming from a country with such a weak exchange rate.

Currently enrolled at UCT to graduate with a masters in Dec 2020. Just started the two year postgrad last month. Figured I can drop out if i get in somewhere better.

Mar 19, 19 5:26 pm

- Age 23/Sex female/Citizenship USA

 - Undergraduate degree Bachelors of Arts majoring in architecture 2019 - Portland Stare University 

GPA 3.56- GRE :V151 A163 

Letter of recommendations - 3 studio professors, two of which own their own firms, and the other is a professional critic. As well as my employer  

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio:


SCI-Arc, Pratt, UPenn, MIT, GSAPP


got into SCI-Arc and Pratt. Waitlisted at GSAPP, and rejected from PennDesign and MIT

Mar 21, 19 12:04 pm

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