How do I re-configure this?


Hi all,

I am stuck on this one...

My front set back on this plan is too short (needs to be 9m) and have also been told by my local government that the third dwelling should be a single storey.

Is there any way to achieve both given the attached diagrams and still retain 4br, 3br and 2br in the plan?

Would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas!


Oct 2, 18 12:45 am

Killing it with fire might work...otherwise skip that garage, get some bicycles or call an Uber and you have plenty of space. Oh and hire an architect .

Oct 2, 18 2:59 am  · 

Yeah free consultation is what I went to school for.

Oct 2, 18 4:54 am  · 

bury it 

Oct 2, 18 8:08 am  · 

Try They'll do your whole project for free!

Oct 2, 18 8:29 am  · 
Non Sequitur

so much asphalt.... gross, and the interior is just as bad.  Kill it with fire and start over.

Oct 2, 18 8:33 am  · 

Maybe have the owners share a detached three-bay garage for starters?

Oct 2, 18 10:41 am  · 

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